ILEC at Bucerius

What is ILEC?  

As authorised CambridgeESOL Examination Centre we offer the „International Legal English Certificate“ (ILEC) Examination twice a year at Bucerius Law School, in May and November, given that we have a minimum participant number of 10.  

The examination is based on realistic texts, tasks and topics of the kind legal practitioners would expect to encounter in their daily working lives. Successful candidates are able to use the language in practical situations, to participate in meetings and discussions of a legal nature, express opinions clearly and are able to understand and to produce texts of various types, including legal letters, memoranda, and proposals.  

The ILEC examination is set at levels B2 and C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The Cambridge ILEC Certificate’s validity is unlimited.  

Examination Format / Parts  

  • Reading: 75 min.
  • Writing: 75 min.
  • Listening: 45 min.
  • Speaking in form of a paired interview: 25 min.    

Examination Fee  

The examination fee is at the moment for students (proof of student status is required) EUR 205,-- no VAT, for external participants with no student status the fee is EUR 235,-- plus VAT. Future prices can vary.  

Examination Dates 2012

The ILEC Examination dates for 2012 for the written examination are the following: 

  • Saturday, 17 November 2012  

Information / Contact  

If you are interested in taking the examination with us, please inform us in good time, at least 3 months before the examination date and we will send you a registration form which needs to be filled in. You should also contact Mr James Faulkner, Director Foreign Language Communication about possible preparation: james.faulkner@law-school.de  

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us sonja.kunter@law-school.de or check the following website: www.cambridgeesol.org