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Bucerius Law School promotes research between law and other subjects.

59 teams sent in written submissions. Of those, only the best 24 were invited to present their arguments at Pembroke College, Oxford. Being the third...

The mandatory semester abroad is a special part of the curriculum for Bucerius students: each fall, undergrads in their third year of study pack their...

The US law firm Venable LLP offers a $10,000 fellowship for the Master of Law and Business, funded through its foundation.

Bucerius passes the test to take on the best at the 15th Annual Oxford International Intellectual Property Law Moot Competition 2017

Bucerius Law School finishes as the top-ranked European team

Andrés Jara's legal consulting company Alsterlegal is an innovative force in the Chilean legal market.

Ieva and Abhiuday Chandra, both Class of 2013, recently founded their own fashion label - Dinari Couture.

Students, faculty, staff and guests of the Law School joined together to recognize Dr. Anja Mengel and Professor Toni Jaeger-Fine for their invaluable...

Students of the Logistics and Supply-Chain Management elective get first-hand insight at major German logistics company