Record Victory by Bucerius in the Law Without Walls Competition

Bucerius students have set the bar high in 2019 in the Law Without Walls (LWOW)


Jean Carlo Arévalo Gutiérrez, Thanigai Muthusamy, Varsha Kashyap, Prof. Clifford Larsen, Christoph Schober in Miami

Law Without Walls (LWOW) is a unique interdisciplinary competition for law and business students who come together in teams to solve a legal, business, social or environmental problem using technology. The program runs in two tracks: LWOW ‘X‘- the all-virtual track and LWOW ‘O‘ - the live track.

This year, a total of 7 participants carried the Bucerius flag on various teams across both tracks. The teams, with members from all over the world, collaborated virtually for 16 weeks from January to
April and produced their ‘Projects of Worth’. The projects were then pitched to around
200 members including judges and investors either virtually or, for the students in the
LWOW ‘O‘ track, live at the “ConPosium” at the University of Miami in Florida on 14th
and 15th of April.

After the rigorous practice sessions, late night calls and many moments of frustration,
3 Bucerius teams in the LWOW ‘O‘ program and 1 team in the LWOW ‘X‘ program
tasted victory in different categories.

Christoph Schober’s team developed The RatRace, an advanced talent recruitment
platform for Law Firms which holistically assesses incoming candidates as well as
matches applicants with law firms based on their attributes.

Varsha Kashyap’s project won the category of “Best Commercial” for Legal Genie. A
smart, simple, secure and cost-effective tool that automatically detects attachments
in emails and prompts in-house lawyers to upload them to a centralized platform
allowing the in-house lawyers to search for specific clauses across hundreds of

Thanigai “Addy” Muthusamy
team’s project ProPosal: A request for a proposal
response automator built on AI technology also capable of finding talent and reducing
costs for firms, won the prize for the “Best Business Plan”.

The prestigious “LWOW 2019 Overall Winner” was awarded to the project
SmartSyndi. This project from Jean Carlo Arévalo Gutiérrez’s team is a software
solution for banks to manage their syndicated loans. Powered by blockchain and
coupled with smart contracts for seamless automation, SmartSyndi provides said
banks with an efficient, convenient and auditable system for managing their
syndicated loan transactions.

Angela Peralta
’s team from the LWOW ‘X‘ program took home the “Best Idea“ prize
for their project LeVet, a non-for-profit virtual world where US female veterans can
find reliable simply written legal information about various issues surrounding the
discharge process and share their experiences anonymously.

Law Without Walls is an outstanding program that seeks to challenge and tranform
boundaries at the intersection of law, business and technology. It gives students the
opportunity to hone professional skills in intercultural competency, innovation,
creative problem solving, leadership, communication and business planning.
The Bucerius MLB is very honored to add value to and participate in such a unique
and worthwhile program.