About Bucerius Law School


Student Group

In pursuit of excellence in education and research, Bucerius Law School challenges its students, staff and academic faculty alike to foster global competencies and engage in projects that encourage cross-cultural exchange and the promotion of foreign language skills.


Bucerius Law School is committed to developing sustainable collaborations that facilitate exchange among its academic faculty and doctoral candidates.

MLB Cohort

Bucerius Law School offers international programming in English that ranges from intensive three-week short courses to a one-year graduate program; curricula are developed to promote discussion and comparative exploration of topics facing today's legal practitioners and scholars.


Bucerius is proud of its wide-ranging partnerships with prestigious higher education institutions worldwide, which—complimented by an active network of more than 2000 international alumni and supported by liaison offices in the USA and China—provide opportunities for student and faculty exchange, joint programming and professional development.