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International Research

Treating ideas and legal systems across the globe

Bucerius Law School is committed to promoting research by developing sustainable collaborations that facilitate exchange among its academic faculty and doctoral candidates.

Faculty Exchange & Visiting Scholars

At Bucerius Law School, teaching and research go hand-in-hand. This is evident not only in the dovetailing of the main research areas and teaching content, but also in the inspiration passed on to faculty from students during academic discussions. Faculty members extend their expertise through teaching abroad, participating in numerous conferences and conducting research stays at renown institutions.

Visiting lecturers from legal institutions around the world ensure an international focus and a diverse perspective on legal issues shaping the world today. Leading scholars and practitioners are an invaluable resource for Bucerius students in this international legal education programs.

Visiting Scholars: Bucerius also welcomes academics from around the world who would like to take advantage of our extensive library and networking resources to enhance their independent research projects. Bucerius is proud to host scholars from prestigious programs such as the German Chancellor Fellowship organized by the Alexander von Humbold-Foundation.

International Cooperations and Projects

In the field of legal research, Bucerius has established an international presence through study visits of faculty abroad, visits of foreign colleagues to the Law School and, most importantly, international publications.

Joint conferences, workshops and numerous academic projects in research and teaching conducted by Bucerius faculty members bring together colleagues from across the world and provide an opportunity for professional exchange.

Detailed information can be found on the websites of individual faculty members and research centers.

If you are interested in staying informed about developments within the Bucerius community, including updates on ongoing projects and cooperations, please sign up for the biannual Academic Newsletter.

Association of Transnational Law Schools

Association of Transnational Law Schools

The Association of Transnational Law Schools strives to promote in-depth study of legal issues related, but not limited to:

  • the comparative legal and regulatory responses to globalization
  • the evolution of transnational law
  • the challenges involved in international governance

ATLAS aspires to offer major contributions to research and scholarship through Cooperative Graduate Programming (CGP)—the collaborative design and organization of educational activities and opportunities for doctoral students.

The program centers around an annual meeting convened at one of the member law schools in June. At this forum, students from each partner institution meet with faculty representing a variety of fields to give and receive feedback on one another's work. This event, the Agora (2017 at the Queen Mary Univ. of London, UK), is designed to encourage legal scholarship by fostering a community of doctoral candidates and promoting the development of exceptional dissertations.

ATLAS is not a degree-granting institution; the working language of the Association is English.

Bucerius hosted the 2016 Agora, which was framed by the general topic "Autonomy and Law." It addressed the interaction between self-determination of individuals or pluralities of persons and regulation by a legislator, i.e., How is autonomy defined? What are its sources? Should a legislator not interfere or is some regulation necessary in order to safeguard autonomy? More than 20 doctoral candidates from 12 countries took part.

Prof. Katharina Boele-Woelki

"Meeting the international research standard requires regular exchange of legal scholars. Our worldwide network provides unique opportunities for our doctoral researchers and senior scholars."

Dean Katharina Boele-Woelki

Arpan Banerjee

"I have found my experience at Bucerius greatly enriching. The school is very international in its orientation, and attracts visiting faculty and students from all over the world. The professors are leading scholars who have connections with legal practice and the students are excellent."

Prof. Arpan Banerjee
Jindal Global Law School, India
Visiting Scholar & 2017-18 Alexander von Humboldt Fellow