Alumni Spotlight: Peter J. Prommer

Peter J. Prommer was part of the first group of students to study abroad at Bucerius Law School in the Fall of 2002. He graduated from the University of Illinois College of Law, Class of 2003 and is now a partner at Nixon Peabody. We spoke to Peter about his time at Bucerius Law School and how those experiences affected him.

Why did you choose to study abroad during law school?
Prior to law school, I had experiences studying abroad and I found it to be very rewarding. When I learned about the study abroad options as a law student, I became very interested, as we live in a society with complex global legal issues. I saw studying abroad as a prime opportunity to significantly broaden my understanding and perspective of our global legal system.

And why did you choose Germany as the place for you to gain this perspective?
Germany is the economic engine of Europe and a leader in international business. And, more specific to Bucerius, it was exciting to have the opportunity to live and study in a cosmopolitan city such as Hamburg.

And how did your decision pan out? Did your time at BLS change your perception or practice of law?
Yes. As Professor Hein Koetz – [who taught one of my first classes] - very clearly articulated, learning about the laws of other countries gives you a much better understanding of your own laws, much like learning a second language gives you a better understanding of your native tongue. 

That’s a great analogy! It’s true that broadening your understanding of the world sharpens your perception of your own experiences. How was your academic experience at Bucerius Law School?
I was impressed by the intellectual rigor of the courses taught at Bucerius and the quality of faculty the school was able to attract.  Furthermore, now well over 10 years after law school, Bucerius provides opportunities to connect with fellow alumni.

The International Exchange Program wasn’t just German and American students, but rather comprised of students from all over the world. Have you stayed in touch with the exchange students from your year?
I have. At Bucerius, while there were a large number of students from the United States, I also met people from all over the world- from Australia to Singapore to Canada, and of course other European countries including France, the Netherlands, and Spain. And with many of them, I’ve developed life-long connections.  

We’d like to thank Peter Prommer for sharing his insights with us! This article is an excerpt of an interview we held with Peter as part of a new American Friends of Bucerius podcast series. If you’re interested in hearing more about his and other BLS alumni experiences, stay tuned for our upcoming podcast.



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