Bucerius Law School awards second Honorary Doctorate

Professor Dr. Peter Hay lauded for his commitment to transatlantic academic exchange

On November 12, 2014, Prof. Dr. Peter Hay was awarded an honorary doctorate by Bucerius Law School. Following Prof. Dr. Richard Buxbaum (Berkeley Law, USA) Hay is only the second recipient of this honor in the Law School’s history.

Professor Hay began his relationship with Bucerius in 2002 as a guest lecturer and, since 2005, has returned to Hamburg each year to lead law courses, most recently having offered “International Conflict of Laws” to a full house during the 2014 International Exchange Program. Having lectured within both the Master of Law and Business and Exchange Program, he is a familiar face to Bucerius alumni around the world.

In his speech, Prof. Dr. Thorn, President of Bucerius Law School, praised Hay’s numerous publications on German, US, EU and international private law and lauded his engagement for the transatlantic academic exchange.

Hay resides in Atlanta and is L.Q.C. Lamar Professor Emeritus at the Emory University School of Law, a Bucerius partner institution. He is also co-editor of the American Journal of Comparative Law. In addition to professorships held at the Technical University of Dresden, University of Illinois and University of Freiburg, Hay has worked at the Central European University in Budapest and Dresden International University. He received the 1989 Research Award of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.


Balin Loftus, International Office