Bucerius Law School wins the Helga Stödter Prize

BLS recognized for exemplary "Mixed Leadership"

Bucerius Law School and the Norddeutsche Rundfunk (NDR) have been awarded the "Hamburg Chamber of Commerce Helga Stödter Prize for Mixed Leadership". Since 2012, the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce and the Helga Stödter Foundation have honored Hamburg companies that are exemplary in their efforts to sustainably achieve a balanced ratio of women and men in management positions. The award was given in two categories: NDR was recognized in the category "Big Business" and Bucerius Law School in the category "Small or Medium Business".

Economic benefit from women in leadership positions

Chamber of Commerce President Tobias Bergmann emphasized, in his greeting at the award ceremony on April 9, that "mixed leadership" has not yet been sufficiently implemented in the economy. "The proportion of women in positions of leadership in the Hamburg has fallen from 25 to 24 percent in the last year," said Bergmann. "This has to change. Our economy benefits from more women in leadership positions - especially in times of a shortage of skilled workers." Recognition like the Helga Stödter Prize make the engagement of Hamburg’s mixed leadership companies visible and may motivate other companies to get involved in this area as well.

Gender diversity a prominent topic at Bucerius Law School

Bucerius Law School was recognized by the jury for their commitment to increasing the proportion of women in positions at all levels, from administration to student body. Gender diversity is also a topic that is prominent throughout the course of study as well as the focus of events and discussions. "We are convinced that mixed leadership creates a diverse environment. It offers more opportunities to develop personally, to examine one's own convictions and to develop our skills," said Dr. Katharina Boele-Woelki, Dean of Bucerius Law School. The jury also highlighted the Law School’s commitment to reducing gender stereotypes by using gender equitable language and a variety of role models.