Bucerius Participation in the Program in European Private Law for Postgraduates

The PEPP concept is designed for doctorate students from participating universities who work in the field of private law in the European context. It comprises a whole variety of topics related to private law within the EU. In the 2016/2017 year, Bucerius Law School Professors Florian Faust and Karsten Thorn both taught in the program. The project aims to considerably enhance the quality of each individual participant's work. It is also designed to help young scholars build a network with other top European legal researchers.

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Bucerius Law School is again a participating institute of the PEPP and has sent a doctorate student to take part in this unique program. The PEPP is comprised of four lively and intense weeks of learning at four European universities. The four courses, one at each of the participating universities, last five to six days each. It has taken place at the University of Münster in October 2016, Jagiellonian University in Kraków in January 2017, and the University of Cambridge in March 2017. It will continue to the University of Valencia in May 2017. The participating group consists of 24 doctorate students coming from universities in Belgium, England, Germany, Italy, Poland, and Spain, who do research in the field of private law related to EU Law.

Through various workshops, lectures and seminars, the participants get a deeper background knowledge about their research field, enhance their working skills, and experience different understandings of legal systems in different member states. Further, a moot session at the European Court of Justice is set-up based on a real pending case which will be presented at the last meeting in Valencia. Finally, the program offers a great possibility to get into a lively exchange with other scholars by discussing different research topics. All in all, PEPP not only provides a wonderful chance to meet international doctorate students and professionals, but it also broadens one’s perspective and ultimately inspires one’s own research.


Saskia Lau, research assistant and particpipant of PEPP 2016/2017