Bucerius to participate in the 14th Oxford Intellectual Property Moot 2016

This year's hypothetical intellectual property law problem centres around the exciting world of major sporting events and the so-called "ambush marketing" of Erewhon Community Games, and in particular the misuse of Clarrie and Bettina, the event mascots.

This year's IP mooting team Uli Diez, Ben Fuhrmann, Victoria Kurczinski and Katharina Watzke supported by Fabian Flüchter (student coach), Julia Padlewska (international student), Lezel Crook, Monty Silley (both Foreign Language Communication Programme), Professor Dr. Dana Beldiman and Karsten Windler (both Bucerius IP Center) diligently worked on finalizing the two sets of 3000 word written submissions with the hope to be one of the 24 teams selected to compete in the oral rounds.

Then came the delight and jubilation on receiving the formal invitation to participate in this year’s competition from 17 to 19 March 2016 at Pembroke College, University of Oxford. Preparations are now in full swing for intense oral mooting training sessions in preparation for this prestigious event. Thank you to a dedicated mooting team for their hard work and enthusiasm. Oxford here we come!


Lezel Crook, Director of the Foreign Language Communication Programme