ICGL Forum 2017

Multinational enterprises, corporate groups and supply chains in a globalised world: Regulatory challenges and approaches, and the future role of company law and corporate governance

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The Bucerius Law School (Hamburg, Germany), in collaboration with the Deakin Law School (Melbourne, Australia) and with financial support of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, will hold a Forum

Multinational enterprises have grown in significance over the last decades. These companies are usually based on a sophisticated corporate group structure with subsidiary companies, both in the home state of the parent company and abroad. In the era of globalisation those companies increasingly also rely on complex supply chains which often span over different countries and continents. These developments pose significant challenges for traditional concepts of company law and corporate governance and will be explored in depth at the Forum.

Not only is the Forum theme of considerable significance, the presenters are also high-profile corporate law and corporate governance specialist. As will be seen from the Program, the presenters will cover very interesting topics related to the Forum theme.

Please register as soon as possible as there are only a very limited number of places available because of space.