Impressions from a semester abroad

The entering class of 2016 presents their time abroad in a collection of vivid images

The photos tell stories — pressing through the sprawl of an Indian metropolis or seeking adventure in an African savanna. They depict both celebrations of tradition and moments of joy in the discovery of new places and passions: tastes, smells, sights and sounds—from breathtaking natural vistas to the brick-and-mortar symbols of research and education. They fascinate us with their color palettes and converge to deliver a clear message: the class who began their studies in 2016 is back in Hamburg!

Over two months have passed since these students returned to campus from their term abroad. Those weeks have offered the group time to acclimate and recount stories of their semester at partner universities. Since mid-March, the rest of the Bucerius community has been able to join in and see what the entering class of 2016 experienced during their time outside Germany. The walls of the Coffee Lounge are adorned with impressions from around the world — in addition to their presentation on campus, these snaps were also posted on Facebook to continue the yearly tradition: based on likes, the photographers behind the top three photos received prizes from the International Office.

The compulsory term abroad is considered by many to be one of the most important elements of a course of study at Bucerius Law School. Students yearn for their 7th trimester — the time in which an entire class fans out across the globe to study at one of the 93 partner universities in 33 countries between July and December. The time away is more than an opportunity to study the innerworkings of a different legal system, it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for personal development through intercultural encounters and travel. Enriched by this "time out", the entering class of 2016 is now on track to successfully complete their studies!

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Lena Johannes, Program Manager International Office