Latest Dissertations – Abstracts 2020/21

English summaries of dissertations submitted by Bucerius doctoral candidates between October 2020 and March 2021


Loans in crypto and alt coins in the civil law – The technologisation of the legal credit business by crypto and alt coins on the basis of blockchain technology and its legal challenges using the example of the Ethereum system and at the same time a classification of the (coin) e-money regarding legal credit business

by Antonio Bela

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Obligation to report tax arrangements and binding information pursuant to Section 89 (2) of the German Fiscal Code (AO)
The Further Development of the Information System as an Opportunity in the Fight against Abusive Tax Avoidance Strategies

by Benedikt Kruse

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Supervision deficiency in Chinese listed corporations – Need for reform of the supervisory board information system from a comparative law perspective of the German stock corporation Law

by Jie Long

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The Transfer of Rights subject to Litigation
A re-evaluation on the basis of a historical and comparative analysis

by Alexander Ruckteschler

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The proof of eligibility under public procurement law in a state of flux
Plea for a presumption of eligibility

by Fabian Schulze

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Legal Transplants – an Analysis Using Typologies

by Maximilian Wörner-Schönecker

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