Meet: Ander – MLB student from Mexico

Each year people from all over the world come to study the Bucerius Master of Law and Business. In the Meet interviews they tell their stories.

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Where did you study before coming to Bucerius Law School? 

Before Bucerius Law School, I studied at the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM) in Mexico City and at IE University in Madrid for my semester abroad. Before joining the MLB program at Bucerius, I completed my LL.B in these schools. 


How is studying different here? 

One thing I find special here is the open approach to technology and the variety of programs and school events that Bucerius has to offer, I see this as a positive difference compared to other universities. Another difference that I appreciate is the closeness that students have to faculty and staff, I like how receptive they are to feedback. For example, it easy to make an appointment with the Dean and to provide feedback on the program and this is quite special, I think. In general, the team at Bucerius really goes the extra mile to make everyone feel welcome and heard which does not happen everywhere else.

In terms of overall experience however, it has been  quite similar despite a few cultural changes here and there but something else I appreciate about Bucerius in particular is the Mensa and the different food options available which is great when you don’t have much time during busy periods with a lot of classes and exams and is one of the best ones I have seen.


What do you find to be the biggest challenge when living in Germany?

The biggest challenge when living in Germany in my opinion is learning to speak German and getting used to seasonal changes in the winter if you come from a country like Mexico. This will impact most aspects of your life and can lead to some awkward situations living in Germany in general and at the German university level. The winter is also long and tough if you are not used to such experience and will miss the sun, but the summers make up for it significantly.


How does your study and work experience help you in the MLB Program? 

My previous experience has made me aware of some of the cultural differences between Mexico and Germany which has been very helpful since starting the MLB program. I am by now comfortable with living in Germany and can navigate most situations after the three years of working here. I have also gotten used to the work culture in Germany and have been able to use such skillset to complement my previous learnings in Mexico. In a program as diverse and international as the MLB program this has proven to be very valuable experience.


What are the differences between Mexican and German law? 

The biggest change for me in this sense has been the work culture in Germany compared to Mexico. In my experience, the work culture in Germany is more direct and somewhat efficient to what I experienced in Mexico with most people strongly supporting a healthier work-life balance. This is due to several reasons, but it has allowed me to develop more about my personal life outside of my work which I really appreciate.

In addition, working in a law field in Germany automatically requires you to look at the law of the European Union which is quite different to Mexico where most work is focused on the national level at least in my experience. For me this has been a huge learning opportunity to learn not just about German law and policies but also understand them from an EU point of view which has a huge impact internationally.


In what way is the Mexican-German relationship important to you? 

The Mexican-German relationship is very important to me on a personal level since I consider these two countries as home. Being born in Mexico City and having spent most of life in Mexico means I have huge appreciation for my family, friends, the people, food and weather in Mexico. Mexico is my happy place and nothing beats being back home when I have the chance to visit. However, I have spent the last few years of life in Germany and this has made me appreciate the life that I have built here, a life very different to the one I had in Mexico but one that I am very happy with and grateful for.

I have been able to share some wonderful experiences with lovely people that I care deeply about here in Germany, and despite being so far away from Mexico I know that this country is a great home to many others like me living abroad. I want the relationship between Mexico and Germany to be as strong as possible because the better the relationship the better the benefits for me and my loved ones. I am always trying to convince my friends here in Germany of visiting Mexico and vice versa, I would love for Mexico and Germany to tighten their already strong and stable bonds to allow for larger exchange of people and ideas between the two.


Where do you see potential in the future? What problems if any do you see arising?

I think there is a huge potential for the Mexican-German relationship especially regarding trade, education opportunities and synergies in policy related projects. I believe it is important for both countries to diversify their current trade partners to limit their dependency with existing trade partners. I see many situations where close cooperation between the two can be beneficial but of course considering the current geopolitical context it may not be a top priority for either country.


Have you made any plans for after graduation? 

Hopefully, a long vacation in a beach. In Mexico. After that I plan to return to Berlin to continue with my professional career and enjoy the summer. I find Hamburg to be probably the most beautiful city I have lived and would be happy to extend my stay in Hamburg should the situation present itself or in the near future.


How do you like living in Hamburg? 

I find living in Hamburg to be very relaxed in general, it is a gorgeous city with many green spaces and a lot of water which I love and it is also really easy to get around the city. In comparison to Mexico City or Guadalajara, mobility can be a huge issue due to the traffic jams however, Mexican cities are livelier and more active with many people running around until late in the day and something I really enjoyed. There is always something new to do especially in Mexico City and while Hamburg is quieter, it also more organized and full of hidden spots and gems that make it a great place to be and a city that can be really fun.

Perhaps one of my favorite things is the location of Hamburg and how easy it is to go to different cities and countries in case it ever gets too rainy here. I think that for any international, Hamburg is an excellent choice as it combines the benefits of living in Germany with a very international feeling and I believe it is why so many of my classmates and myself included have such a high opinion of Hamburg. 




Emma Schimmel