Meet: Hans – Bucerius Summer Program student from the Netherlands

Each summer, people from all over the world come to Hamburg to take part in the Bucerius Summer Programs. Here, they share their experiences.

Education & Study |

Where did you study before coming to Bucerius Law School?

I studied at the Delft University of Technology and Erasmus University Rotterdam.

What is your profession at the moment?

I am a Senior Consultant (Legal Management Consulting) at Deloitte Legal.

What makes the subject of legal tech interesting to you?

With my combined background in Applied Physics and Corporate Law, I am advising legal teams on how they can work faster and/or better – which often involves legal technology. Lately I am specializing in the use of large language models and generative AI for legal.

Where do you see the benefit in studying abroad?

It was amazing to meet professionals from all over the globe which all have the same interest. Especially the field of legal technology is a global phenomenon – it is very interesting and inspiring to hear other perspectives on legal technology. Also, the cultural diversity creates a very dynamic atmosphere which leads to enlightening discussions!

Which site visit did you participate in?

During the program we visited Berlin, which was great fun and where we had amazing visits to leading companies - Berlin has a vivid legal tech startup scene. We also visited innovative law firms, such as Fieldfisher X and YPOG. The link was made between the courses in class and what legal technology means in practice for law firms and startups.

You have a Master’s degree in law as well as in physics. How does that work?

I am very intrigued by the intersection of legal and technology – which indeed can also be found in my combination of master's degrees. I believe my physics degree helps me think analytically, gives me deeper understanding of technology and IT, while my legal background helps me to understand what legal work entails and where the largest challenges exist there. I think a gap exists between legal and tech – and my combined background enables me to bridge that gap.

What new experience are you going to put into practice?

We learnt how large language models and generate AI will transform legal services and heard from experts where they see the possibilities and challenges. I will definitely put the lessons learnt and best practices to practice!

What are the advantages in working in an international group?

Different cultures, backgrounds and perspectives bring a dynamic environment which results in better performance. Also, the opportunity to build an international network in your field of work is unique! And last but not least, it was great fun to meet so many amazing people from all over the world.

How did you like Hamburg?

Hamburg is an amazing city! It is 2.5x larger than Amsterdam in inhabitants, but you are actually able to navigate most of Hamburg by foot. It’s a very green city, many parks and of course the Alster (the large lake in the city center) is great to cool down – supping or sailing, or to go for a run around it.


Hans, thanks for the interview!