Meet: Jiazi – Student of the 2022 MLB program

Jiazi Du formerly worked as a police officer. He now is one of the new MLB students. We talked about why he chose Bucerius Law School.

Hi Jiazi, from which country did you come to Bucerius Law School?

I am from China.


What was your experience coming to Hamburg for the first time? 

I have gained many impressions of the city so far. The heavy rain lasted for a whole week when I arrived in Hamburg. This city is open, inclusive, green, clean, modern with dancing studios, beautiful views and many museums. I simply love it.


Why did you choose to study law?

I already obtained a Bachelor of Law from Shenzen University. I chose law because it is a great tool to avoid or solve disputes in modern society.


What was your job in China before moving to Hamburg?

I was a police officer in the Legal Affairs Department of the police in my hometown. My responsibilities were reviewing cases, providing opinions on detention and arrest as well as reviewing all contracts and draft regulations.


What made you choose to work in the Legal Affairs Department as a police officer?

It was beneficial for me to learn the internal mechanisms of the government sectors before becoming a lawyer. It turns out to be true that it does provide me with a sense of the governmental mechanisms utilized in regulating different sectors.


How do you think your previous expertise is helping you?

I believe my previous expertise as a police officer is also helping me during my legal education. In the SWAT division, I had a challenging job that took intensive training to resolve violent situations. I greatly developed my ability to work under high pressure and stress. This is really helpful during my legal education here at Bucerius Law School as the MLB programme is quite intensive and my fellows are outstanding.


Why did you work as a volunteer?

During my time as a voluteer I helped individuals with disabilities and disadvantaged children. There were two projects I got involved in at Wider within Wider, a legal aid center. One was a performance art event I planned called ‘Piercing the Veil of Funds’ for the Disabled in 2014. It was done to urge the local authority to unveil the detailed accounts of the disability insurance funds to ensure that the expenses were for the good of the disabled.

The other one was about teaching disabled and disadvantaged children free legal lessons using some daily life scenarios. I did it as it made me feel deeply happy. Offering support and assistance to the disadvantaged is my ultimate goal for life.


Why did you decide to get an MLB? 

I think having an MLB is going to help pursue my career goals. I chose Bucerius Law School because I plan to be a lawyer in the business field or in-house legal counsel in the future. Studying at the intersection of law and business as an MLB student, I learn how to stand in the shoes of businessmen to solve a problem. Also due to the practical insights it offers and the international setting, I believe I can learn the philosophy of ‘think global, act local’ and excel’.


What made you specifically choose Bucerius Law School to pursue an MLB?

I love Bucerius Law School in many ways. In addition to its education of high quality, I want to stress that I feel so closely connected here. It is inclusive that you can see the rainbow flags at the campus. The small class allows us to fully join the discussions. The MLB Support Team is always there to help and the career service center always there to support. Together with alumni events, Hamburg tour, Berlin tour, it is a choice I will never regret.


Jiazi, thank you for the interview.