Much ado about ...Snowball Bees and StampOut Maize - 2015 Oxford International IP Moot

2015 Oxford International Intellectual Property Moot on agricultural biotechnology

What would happen if your genetically modified bees escaped onto a neighbouring farmer’s land and established a new colony? This is the focus of the 2015 Oxford International Intellectual Property Moot that focuses on breach of confidence and patent infringement, and is set in the agricultural biotechnology sector.

The mooting team: Julius Greiner, Jannik Maas, Alexander Wagner, Fabian Flüchter and Arkadiusz Czekaj (international exchange student), were supported by a team of coaches: Christian Stoll (Hogan Lovells), Dr Tilman Müller (Eisenführ Speiser); Professor Dr. Dana Beldiman, Karsten Windler and Constantin Blanke-Roeser (Center for Transnational IP, Meida and Technology Law); Lezel Crook and Monty Silley (Foreign Language Communication Programme), who embarked upon this collaborative project with gust, determination and a goal to be among the twenty-four teams selected to participate in this annual prestigious event.

After intense training sessions in November and December to get to grips with the extremely complicated case, and a final frenzy to submit written submissions consisting of two sets of 3000 word submissions on 12 December 2014. We waited in nervous anticipation for the outcome; and then came the jubilation upon receiving the formal invitation to participate in the oral proceedings taking place in Oxford University from 19th  to 21st March 2015. We are honoured to represent Bucerius Law School for the very first time at this distinguished international mooting event.

Thank you team all for your hard work and dedication thus far!
To quote a famous man who once said, "YES, WE CAN!"


Lezel Crook, Director Foreign Language Communication Programme