New Summer Program beginning in 2018: Legal Technology and Operations

Legal Tech @ Bucerius: Starting in July 2018, Bucerius Law School will offer a comprehensive introduction to the digitization of the legal market

Digitization is reshaping all areas of legal work. Following the successful introduction of the technology certificate last October, Bucerius Law School has continued its response to developments in the legal market and further solidified its position as an innovative university with the creation of a highly specialized study program: in July 2018, an English-taught summer program focusing on Legal Technology and Operations will be offered for the first time. From July 9 to 27, advanced students, research assistants, trainees and young professionals will spend three weeks studying the digitization of legal services. The program picks up where numerous conferences on legal technology and innovation leave off by devoting itself to an academically sound and interdisciplinary analysis of the opportunities and risks of using technology to solve legal challenges.

Six intensive core courses cover legal analytics and artificial intelligence, legal design and innovation, technology in litigation and out-of-court dispute resolution. In approaching these subjects, participants will treat current issues from the individual disciplines and directly apply the knowledge they have acquired. The curriculum will be supplemented by a lecture and discussion series on technology in legal research, behavioral control through algorithms and innovative business models for start-ups. At the end of the program, exams will be replaced by presentations and the submission of a business model developed over the course of the three weeks; participants may also present a prototype of an application being designed.  

As with the three Bucerius Summer Programs that have been established over the past decade, Legal Technology and Operations will address a topic relevant to the transatlantic dialogue and draw upon expertise of well-established practitioners from the US—a market where the digitization of legal services has been a point of interest for several years. The strategic partner of Bucerius Law School is the Chicago Kent College of Law of the Illinois Institute of Technology. With Daniel M. Katz, Roland Vogl and Daniel W. Linna, there are also three faculty members from the CodeX - the Stanford Center on Law and Technology faculty of Stanford Law School who will be leading sessions within the program. In addition, Margaret Hagan, Director of the Legal Design Lab at the Silicon Valley-based partner university, will teach a course on her field of interest. Renowned European experts such as former constitutional judge Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Hoffmann-Riem and Markus Hartung, Director of the Bucerius Center on the Legal Profession, will present a German perspective on Legal Tech.  

Participation in the summer program does not require any prior knowledge of the field, but does call for a keen interest in changing the legal market through digitization.  

Course descriptions, lecturer biographies and information about making application to the program (including discounts for early bird applicants) are available on the Summer Program's website.

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Dirk Hartung, Executive Director Legal Technology