Scholar Profile: Stephanie Ragland

Stephanie Ragland is a Max Kade Scholarship recipient who spent her fall semester studying at Bucerius Law School. She is a 24-year-old from Saratoga, California, pursuing her JD degree from Boston College Law School.

Article from American Friends of Bucerius

Why did you decide to study abroad?
I knew I wanted to study abroad as a 1L in law school. It sounded like a great opportunity to expand my legal knowledge. I wanted to study in Germany because I had studied abroad in Berlin as an undergraduate and wanted to learn more about Germany. Germany has a complex history, with many legal aspects, and Germany’s prominence within the EU makes it the best place to study in Europe.

Were there any highlights of your experience?
It was such a great opportunity to meet law students from around the world and learn about their legal systems. I have a much deeper appreciation for the EU and the many legal traditions it incorporates. A highlight was having my law school friends from Boston visit me in Hamburg. It was fun to share this experience with them and give them an insight into study abroad.

Is there one story or experience that stands out to you the most?
Watching the 2016 US Presidential Election with the other international exchange students was unforgettable. Everyone had a different perspective and a different reason for choosing a candidate. Despite only some of us being American and voting absentee, everyone truly cared about the election.

Do you feel like you have been changed at all by the past few months? If so, in what way?
My time abroad in Hamburg was a much needed opportunity to reflect on my legal education thus far and what the future holds. The professors at Bucerius were very mindful of the changing legal landscape and what’s required of future lawyers. I appreciated their advice and will be mindful of it as I enter the professional world.

What will you miss most about your time here?
I will miss the other international exchange students. It was a unique opportunity to attend class with such diverse peers. I won’t miss carrying adapters everywhere.

Did you do any travelling during your stay? Where to?
Yes, I visited Vienna, Budapest, Oslo, Stockholm, Paris, London, the Cotswolds and Berlin.

What’s the one thing you brought with you that you couldn’t go without?
Pictures of my friends and family.

What’s next for you?
I will be finishing up my law degree at Boston College Law and joining a law firm in late 2017.


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