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Support the MLB students in raising funds for a new school building in Haiti.

Following the 2010 earthquake, which killed more than 250,000 people, and the most recent Hurricane Matthew in 2016, which killed more than 1,000 people and left hundreds of thousands homeless; Haiti has been in dire need of help as it recovers from these natural disasters.

Thus, members of BLS Stand for Haiti, a social project initiated by Peterson Clarke, a Haitian-British Master of Law and Business student, have decided to host several events throughout the academic year to help raise funds to support the children of Timo, Haiti.

After a successful Halloween party last year, which raised over €1,000.00 for the victims of Hurricane Matthew, the students have decided to continue their cooperation with Haiti Health Initiative (HHI), a nonprofit organization that focuses on serving the public health needs of Haitian people in rural areas, to help raise €10,000 for the construction of a school in Timo, Haiti.

Most residents of Timo only attend school for three to four years and 80% of current students live in financially unstable circumstances. The current facility offers inadequate space for the approx. 220 school-aged children of the town, 100 of whom currently attend school another town about 45 minutes away. The current building does not have electricity, windows, proper furniture, sufficient supplies or indoor restroom facilities and is shared with the local Baptist congregation which causes classes to be cancelled about 14 times per year due to scheduling conflicts.

The estimated cost for a new school building is $250,000. Land is available and the residents of the community will contribute money, time and labor to the construction of their new school. However, they cannot shoulder the cost by themselves. Arup, a multinational engineering consulting firm, has already partnered with the Haiti Health Initiative to provide architectural and design services but additional funds are needed to bring this project to a successful conclusion.

This is your chance to contribute to a cause that will have a real effect on the children of Timo. Any donation is highly appreciated. All donations will go directly to the Haiti Health Initiative.

Please make your contribution through one of the two crowdfunding sites below and help spread the word!


Just Giving

As a donor, you will receive regular updates regarding the construction of the school and a personal thank you note as a token of our appreciation.

The crowdfunding campaign will be monitored by the co-founder and current president of the Haiti Health Initiative, Marc-Aurel.

Please be sure to visit the following sites:

BLS Stand for Haiti on Facebook

Haiti Health Initiative on Facebook

Haiti Health Initiative Website


Peterson Clarke, MLB 2017