Visit at Dachser

Students of the Logistics and Supply-Chain Management elective get first-hand insight at major German logistics company

The Logistics and Supply Chain Management Elective has been one of our favorite classes of this program. We highly recommend this course to everyone who is interested in learning about the importance and role of logistics and supply chains supporting the other operations of a company. Professor Dr. Stephan Wagner traveled every week from his office in Zürich, Switzerland to give us insights, and practical experience on the effect of supply chain management and logistics all around the world in different sectors.

One specific key learning experience was the company visit to Dachser’s logistics center in Hamburg. We learned about logistic operators in class where we discussed the advantages and the functionalities. Markus Dodt, General Manager at Dachser Hamburg, welcomed us and gave us thorough answers and explanations to all our questions related to the industry and the company. After the company presentation, we were offered the opportunity to see how the center works in practice on the floor level. Visiting the company was a very great experience.

The course is offered with practical case studies, lectures, class discussions, guest speakers and on-site company visits like the visit to the logistics center. This course describes how the world of consumer goods, manufacturing parts and equipment works behind the scenes! Functional logistics influence everything around us, and it is very useful to understand what happens and why, whether you strive to be an entrepreneur, to work for a multinational corporation or if you are just a daily consumer of a retail store. If you have a special interest in these topics, this elective is the right one for you.


Sara Ahlberg '17 and Eder Lam '17