We. Inform – Tailor-made Information for Refugees

We. Inform is a voluntary pilot project run by students of the Bucerius Law School to facilitate the reception and integration of refugees through specially designed information packages.

From July 2016 refugees staying in Hamburg’s refugee accommodation will receive, through the new voluntary project We. Inform, information packages which will facilitate their participation in social, cultural and economic life here in Hamburg. The project is sponsored by Senator Dr. Melanie Leonhard.  

The initiative is based on three methods: (1) personal, relevant advice through trained information guides in refugee accommodation; (2) audience appropriate flyers in several languages, (3) a website specially designed for the needs of refugees. The information guides and the information portal reduce uncertainty and help break down barriers, so that refugees are in a position to take advantage of the numerous existing offers here in Hamburg.  

The project is sponsored by Senator Dr. Melanie Leonhard: “I am impressed by the high level of professionalism of We.Inform, which together with the strong commitment of its volunteers, has resulted in a great project. In contrast to many other Apps and information portals, the information is tailored to Hamburg, which increases the practical benefits for refugees living in our city.  

The project idea originated with Syrian and Afghan refugees. “For me, the refugees are the experts. They know best which information is important in order to find their way around Hamburg and to participate in our community” says Judith Büschleb, founder and leader of We.Inform. “Together with them and the many full and part-time volunteers in Hamburg, we want to continually update, develop and improve We.Inform.”  

Professor Dr. Dr. h.c. mult, Katharina Boele-Woelki, President of the Bucerius Law School: “We.Inform is a particularly innovative project, which our students have developed for the refugees in Hamburg.  It will fill the knowledge gap concerning the many support services that are offered to our fellow citizens. We are amazed at the commitment of our student volunteers and support them wherever we can.”  

The organisational team from We.Inform is comprised of 40 young people and over 100 specially trained volunteers who work as information guides. In small groups, the information guides complete around 20 assignments per month dealing with both the initial and long-term refugee accommodations. In this way they pass on basic information about seeking asylum, language courses, living arrangements, work, education and health, as well as sport and leisure activities to the refugees. The Project covers a total of 15 different topics. The information is available in six languages; Arabic, Farsi, Sorani, Tigrinya, English and German.  

The project is financed through sponsorship, and receives support through the “Dialogforum Kommunikation” part of the “Forum Flüchtlingshilfe” platform established by the city of Hamburg.  

You can obtain information about the flyers, how you can volunteer and additional information about the project on the website. Website content is continually updated.  

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