WHU@BLS: Nicole Gottschalck holds the Joachim Herz Junior Professorship of the WHU at Bucerius Law School

A successful collaboration continues: Bucerius Law School and the WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management will continue their cooperation in the Master of Law and Business Program (MLB) and are expanding the economic expertise at the law school with an assistant professorship.

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Two leading institutions join forces: With the start of the MLB Class of 2021, the cooperation between Bucerius Law School and the WHU will be revived and consolidated: In addition to the classic posting of WHU lecturers, a WHU junior professorship at Bucerius Law School has been created as part of the MLB Program, creating a "permanent representation" of the renowned management school. The professorship is funded by the Joachim Herz Foundation, which has been closely associated with the MLB Program for many years. Junior Professor Dr. Nicole Gottschalck took up her position at the end of August when the MLB class 2020/21 commenced.

Prime Example Of An Interdisciplinary Career

Nicole Gottschalck studied History and Journalism (B.A.) at the Justus-Liebig-University in Gießen from 2008 to 2011, Advanced European and International Studies (M.A.) at the Institut Européen in Turkey, France and Germany from 2011 to 2012 and European Studies (M.A.) at the University of Leipzig from 2012 to 2014. In contrast to her background in political and cultural studies, for her dissertation she dealt with economic topics and conducted her research, among other places, in the USA: "My main focus is on human resource management and human resource economics, especially in the context of small and medium-sized enterprises. I am interested in one question above all: What motivates a person to give everything for the company, regardless of the salary? How do companies manage to retain their employees in the long term in order to be competitive and profitable? Non-monetary incentives are very important, especially for start-ups, but also for medium-sized companies". Nicole Gottschalck received her doctorate summa cum laude from WHU in 2020 with her dissertation on "Contingency perspectives on employee retention: Employee outcomes across occupational and organizational contexts".

Expertise of two universities in one location

Henceforth, Nicole Gottschalck is the contact person for MLB students on all business topics, including master theses with an economic orientation. In the future she will also have teaching obligations. "With her own interdisciplinary and international studies background, she is the perfect complement to our Master's program and its heterogeneous student structure," says Professor Clifford Larsen, Dean of the Master of Law and Business Program. "It is an absolute win-win situation that guarantees participants the best of both law and business studies from two first-class universities based in one location".


Lena Johannes (translated by David Patrician)