ATLAS Agora 2016

Agora 2016: Autonomy and Law

June 6-17, 2016

This year's Agora is framed by the general topic "Autonomy and Law." It will address the interaction between self-determination of individuals or pluralities of persons and regulation by a legislator. How is autonomy defined? What are its sources? Should a legislator not interfere or is some regulation necessary in order to safeguard autonomy?

When possible, papers of candidates should be linked to the general topic; however, this is not a requirement. Treating such a comprehensive theme, we do not anticipate major impediments; one can draw ties in all fields of law. Examples include: contracts (party autonomy), labor law (tariff autonomy), family law (cultural diversity), law of succession, corporate law (self-governance), foundations, civil procedure, lex mercatoria, investment arbitration, capital markets, and criminal law (procedural deals).

The morning sessions of the Agora will consist of subject-oriented seminars, which will be taught primarily by Bucerius faculty members. In addition, methodology lectures on topics such as comparative law, law and economics, and law and society will be offered.

In the afternoons, workshops will enable participants to obtain individual feedback on their work. Every participant will take part in one workshop where his/her paper will serve as the focus of discussion for a period of thirty minutes. Workshop groups will be structured along broad general themes to gather participants who have intersecting fields of interest.

The afternoon program will be rounded out by panel discussions and social events to provide participants with an opportunity to become acquainted with each other as well as local doctoral candidates.

Past Agorae

Université de Montréal (Canada)
June 8-19, 2015
Academic Director:  Prof. Martine Valois

University of Melbourne (Australia)

June 16-27, 2014
Academic Director: Prof. Sundhya Pahuja

National University of Singapore (Singapore)

June 16-28, 2013
Academic Director: Prof. Stephen Girvin
Program  Photos

Bar-Ilan University (Israel)

June 17-29, 2012
Academic Director: Prof. Oren Perez
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Universidad de Deusto (Spain)

June 20-30, 2011
Academic Director: Prof. María Pilar Canedo

NYU School of Law (US)

June 21 - July 1, 2010
Academic Director: Prof. Joseph Weiler

London School of Economics (UK)

June 22 - July 3, 2009
Academic Director: Prof. Damian Chalmers

Osgoode Hall Law School (Canada)

July 7-26, 2008
Academic Director: Prof. Craig Scott