Bucerius Law School's Mission

Freedom of Thought – Reformation of Higher Education – Social Responsibility

Founded by the ZEIT-Stiftung Ebelin und Gerd Bucerius, Bucerius Law School is a private law school that strives to reform German legal education and aspires to represent the German legal community in the international discourse. In keeping with the views of our benefactor, Gerd Bucerius, the aim of the Law School is to educate outstanding individuals who are willing to place their expertise at society’s disposal and to accept responsibility for others.

Bucerius is an academic community of students and faculty, in which constructive-critical thinking, creativity and leadership skills, as well as a sense of team spirit and openness are cultivated. Based on the tried and tested standards of the German legal education, Bucerius Law School wants to realize the best possible education. In its desire to achieve this goal, Bucerius is aware of its responsibility in assisting the harmonization process of the higher education system in Europe.

An open-minded community

The students at Bucerius Law School are open-minded young adults, who welcome constructive criticism. They develop their talents and abilities in an astute and determined manner. The academic program at Bucerius Law School is characterized by the personal and academic exchange that takes place between faculty and students, as well as by the close collaboration between them. Over the years, a tight, long-lasting bond between the students, graduates and Law School has developed.

Unity of teaching and research

The course of studies is based on a unity of teaching and research, and merges the needs of the practicing legal community with an academic pervasion of the law. This is not only evident in the dovetailing of the main research areas and teaching contents, but also in the inspiration the faculty receives from students during academic discussions, which they later incorporate into their research. Much emphasis is placed on the dialogue with legal practitioners, the legal foundation courses, the knowledge of foreign legal systems and international discourse, the Studium generale and a solid training in business and economics. A distinct aspect of the course of studies is its international orientation, which is evident in the mandatory semester abroad for all students, the presence of international students from our partner universities located throughout the world, our graduate programs as well as in our summer school offerings and additional programs abroad. Furthermore, Bucerius Law School offers numerous social activities, ranging from the fine arts, culture and sports to other areas of society. It is through these activities that student initiatives diversify and enrich the university life.

Bucerius Law School respects and promotes the free and independent research of the faculty and staff, who appreciate the intradisciplinary cooperation at Bucerius Law School and are open to the exchange of ideas. The Law School offers them the freedom to develop their thoughts, which are then further pursued by the university community. Using its network of renowned partner universities, Bucerius Law School supports the exchange of academic ideas at an international level as well, thereby creating a platform to support world-wide research contacts.

Personal mentorship

Bucerius professors view personal mentorship and intellectual advancement of their assistant professors, research assistants and doctoral and post-doctoral students as one of their main duties. In addition to their own research activities, the work of the assistant professors and research assistants is influenced by the intense and mutually productive exchange of ideas with the students. Assistant professors and research assistants assume important teaching duties while having sufficient time at their disposal to pursue their own research.

Sound management

The Law School’s management, together with its administration, forms the organizational backbone of Bucerius. Staff members are dedicated to the principles of personal responsibility and team spirit. They ensure that daily campus life functions smoothly, by addressing the needs of the students, lecturers and researchers.

The management provides the impulse to achieve the maxims set thus far and acts on the impetus from the Law School community. Respecting the confidentiality of the individual, the management creates the ideal premises for the participation in and transparency of law school matters. It is responsible for directing the Law School in the manner depicted and is committed to operating within the existing financial parameters.

Financial independence

Donations from private sponsors are a sign of the society’s confidence in the Law School. The acquisition and maintenance of sponsors is an integral aspect of Bucerius’ concept. Being aware of its responsibility to its members, society and sponsors, the Law School continually explores new means to fulfill the growing expectations of an educated society. The Law School is open to the further development of graduate studies and related subjects, and after careful planning and consideration, will expand its programs. In this manner, Bucerius strives to make a lasting contribution to the renewal and retention of continuing university education.

The ZEIT-Stiftung Ebelin und Gerd Bucerius accompanies Bucerius Law School as its founder, sole shareholder and largest sponsor, while at the same time allowing the Law School to maintain its academic integrity. Bucerius Law School and the Foundation are allied in their goal towards a blossoming evolution of research and teaching.

This mission statement was drawn up by members of the Law School and approvingly acknowledged by the Board of Trustees and the Supervisory Board of the Bucerius Law School. It was adopted by Bucerius Law School’s Senate on July 5, 2006.