Bucerius Law School's Mission

Freedom of Thought – Reformation of Higher Education – Social Responsibility

Founded by the ZEIT STIFTUNG BUCERIUS, Bucerius Law School is a private law school located in Hamburg, Germany. 

Based on the fruitful combination of research and teaching, scholarship, and legal practice,  and dedicated to the ideal of a superior education, Bucerius creates a community, characterized by mutual trust, of students and teachers. In the spirit of its namesake Gerd Bucerius, the Law School emphasizes the restless freedom of the mind, the power of rational reflection, the merit of constructive debate, and the indispensable nature of respect for others. Its core values are courage, excellence, and a sense of community. Bucerius is committed to the law – its uninhibited study, its teaching, its practice, and its social significance. Its profile is derived from the diversity of its researchers, teachers and students. An administration inspired by personal responsibility and team spirit supports the realization of these ideals in day-to-day Law School life.

The Law School values intradisciplinary thinking and working and promotes interdisciplinary and international exchange in teaching and research. Its students are critically-minded young people who develop their talents and abilities wisely and with determination. Committed to autonomy and diversity, the Law School aims to educate its students to become professionally excellent and open-minded individuals who serve society and take responsibility for others. 

Solidly based on legal science, Bucerius’ Bachelor’s degree in law aims to provide students with an ideal preparation for the First State Examination in Law. The Bucerius interdisciplinary and practice-oriented Master's degree in "Law and Business" prepares students from around the world for professional life at the interface of legal and business matters. An additional Bucerius focus is the dialogue with legal practice, a dialogue that, in the context of lifelong learning, both analyzes and contributes positively to trends and developments in the market for legal services. 

The Law School tests innovative methods and formats of teaching and learning and continuously updates its curriculum. In this way, it aims to contribute to the further development of contemporary law studies in Germany. In addition to the mastery of legal theory and practice, the Law School teaches its historical, intellectual and social foundations, as well as its integration into the European and international legal communities. Fundamental to the Law School’s self-image are the international orientation of the Master program, the Bachelor program’s obligatory trimester abroad, and the accompanying student exchange with partner universities from around the world. In addition, introductory programs in economics and technology, an extensive foreign languages program, and a multi-faceted studium generale all expose Bucerius students to other disciplines, thereby expanding the students’ horizons and positioning graduates to better understand our society. 

Together with the professors, the management and all other employees, Bucerius students play a constitutive role in shaping the Law School’s present and future. The long-established bond between the Law School and its students underlies Bucerius’ relationship with its alumni, who form a cornerstone of the Law School. 

The doctoral program at Bucerius Law School is a structured process of promoting young scholars. The professors at the Law School judiciously accompany and promote the doctoral and post-doctoral projects they supervise. The Law School creates an academic climate that goes beyond professional training for young talent.

Private sponsorship is a sign of social trust. Winning and cultivating it is part of Bucerius Law School's self-image. The ZEIT STIFTUNG BUCERIUS accompanies Bucerius Law School as founder, sole shareholder and largest sponsor, while preserving the Law School’s academic autonomy. Together, the Law School and the ZEIT STIFTUNG BUCERIUS promote research and teaching, all against a backdrop of their awareness of their social obligation to support a liberal and open civil society.

This mission statement was drawn up by members of the Law School and approvingly acknowledged by the Board of Trustees and the Supervisory Board of the Bucerius Law School. It was adopted by Bucerius Law School’s Senate on December 1, 2021.