Bucerius Global Scholarship

Attracting brilliant young minds from around the globe

The Bucerius Global Scholarship is a full-tuition scholarship for the Bucerius Master of Law and Business program. In addition to covering the entire tuition fee for the one-year program, the scholarship includes a stipend for living expenses.

A committment to affordability

The Master of Law and Business program is committed to attracting the brightest and most inquisitive young professionals, regardless of their financial situation. That is why, as of 2018, the new Bucerius Global Scholarship program will provide up to four excellent applicants with the opportunity to attend the Master of Law and Business completely free of charge.

The scholarship covers the tuition fees of the one-year Master's program (EUR 25,000) in full and offers an additional stipend for living expenses.

The Bucerius Global Scholars will be chosen by a distinguished committee of Bucerius faculty, administration, alumni and representatives of the anonymous benefactor who has provided generous funding for the Global Scholarships.

Decisions regarding the Bucerius Global Scholarships will be announced around the end of February.

Preference will be given to applicants from emerging market economies. Applicants who are not selected for the Bucerius Global Scholarships will automatically be considered for partial funding.

Facts about the BGS

✔ Full-tuition scholarship
✔ Additional stipend for living expenses
✔ Exclusively for the Bucerius MLB
✔ Preference for applicants from emerging markets


31.10. Early Decision Deadline
15.01. Applications Deadline (BGS)
15.01. Early Bird Deadline (MLB)
The decision announcement will be end of February.

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"I was fortunate to be awarded the Bucerius Global Scholarship which covers my tuition fee and partial living expenses. The scholarship helped me financially. I am grateful for the career and learning opportunities that the MLB program provided us. It is the bridge between where I was as a lawyer and where I want to be as a lawyer-entrepreneur. It is the pivot that I was looking for in my career. I work at Delivery Hero in Berlin now."
Varsha Kashyap, India, Bucerius Global Scholar '19
"Scholarships make you think about the kindness of people in this world and encourage you to accomplish tremendous things. I would probably not have been here without this scholarship, and that is the reason why I am forever grateful for it and remember how important it is to help other future students in reaching their dreams."
Sazan Isufi, Kosovo, Bucerius Global Scholar '19
"When I was faced with the challenge of how I would finance my tuition for the MLB Program, the uncertainty was temporary as I was blessed to be awarded the Bucerius Global Scholarship which covered my full tuition fees and living expenses throughout the entire year. Some of the memorable experiences that I had while studying at Bucerius Law School included interacting with people of great influence, namely renowned industry practitioners and academics, as well as an unforgettable visit to the exquisite Senate Reception at the Hamburg City Hall. "
Omega Machimbira, Zimbabwe, Bucerius Global Scholar '20
"Within one year, studying in Bucerius has expanded my world to people from all but two of the world’s continents. It has also satisfied my curiosity and facilitated learning about EU law, arbitration, and other interesting business topics my legal work in the Philippines did not lend itself to. The Bucerius Global Scholarship enabled me to pursue my goal not only to study and live in Europe, but to do it in the best law school in Germany. Without it, achieving these goals would have been significantly more challenging.”"
Leslie Octaviano, Philippines, Bucerius Global Scholar '20


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