Education & Research

Center for Family Business Law

Hamburg's Hanseatic identity has ever since been defined by its merchant families and their entrepreneurial spirit. Thus, developing the legal groundwork of family-owned companies is a day-to-day business for the city's notaries. At the same time, anticipating and identifying legal challenges to guideline legal practice lies at the core of Bucerius Law School's mission. For that reason, Bucerius Law School, joined by the "Deutsche Notarrechtliche Vereinigung" (German Association of Public Notaries) and the "Hamburgische Notarkammer" (Hamburg Chamber of Public Notaries), initiated the Center in 2010; the Center is further supported by the "Johanna and Fritz Buch Gedächtnis-Stiftung". By resolution of the Academic Senate on July 20, 2012, Bucerius Law School established its Center for Family Business Law.

The Center for Family Business Law considers itself a place of academic exchange. Its ambition is to systematically analyze and develop the comprehensive legal framework in which family businesses operate. A further objective of the Center is to conduct fundamental research on upcoming questions across different areas of law and economics. The Center organizes regular events and publishes conference proceedings to make findings accessible to the public.