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Who is Who in the Center

Prof. Dr. Karsten Thorn, Bucerius Law School, Hamburg

Prof. Dr. Karsten Thorn, LL.M.

Prof. Dr. Karsten Thorn, LL.M., holds a chair for Civil Law, International Private and Trade Law and Comparative Law at Bucerius Law School. He is a co-author of several leading commentaries in the field of private international law, including the Palandt commentary on the German BGB and ancillary laws. In addition, Prof. Thorn is a co-editor of the IPRax, the leading journal on international private law in German language.

In his research and teaching, Prof. Thorn focusses inter alia on international private law and international dispute resolution paying specific attention to arbitration and international civil procedural law. He is a well-known expert in international law matters and a frequent speaker at conferences, including the prestigious Hague Academy of International Law.

Professor Dr. Stefan Kröll, LL.M., Bucerius Law School, Hamburg

Prof. Dr. Stefan Kröll, LL.M.

Prof. Dr. Stefan Kröll is one of Germany’s leading experts on international arbitration and a honorary professor at Bucerius Law School. He has acted as arbitrator in over 75 arbitral proceedings covering all areas of international commercial law and involving private as well as state parties. Prof. Kröll has published and edited several internationally renowned treatises and commentaries and numerous journal articles on arbitration, international procedural law and international contract law. In his teaching at Bucerius, Prof. Kröll holds inter alia lectures and seminars on arbitration topics and thereby gives students insights into the praxis of international dispute resolution. Further, Prof. Kröll is a director of the Willem C. Vis Arbitration Moot in Vienna and Germany’s national correspondent to UNCITRAL.


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