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Successful in renowned international competitions

ICC Mediation Team

The ICC Mediation Team travels yearly in February to Paris to take part in the biggest Mediation competition in the world. Organized by International Chambers of Commerce, 60 Teams from all over the planet mediate international commercial law cases.

Previous Participations:

  • 2012: Main Round 5th and Quarterfinals
  • 2013: Main Round 7th and Round of last 16
  • 2014: Main Round 2nd and Semi-Finals
  • 2016: Eighth-Finals (top 16 out of 64 teams)
  • 2017: Quarter-Finals (top 8 out of 64 teams)

Contact: ICCMediation(at)

Jessup Moot Court

The Bucerius Jessup Team was founded in 2012 and participated in the Philipp C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition ever since.

The Jessup Moot Court is the oldest, largest and most prestigious moot court competition of the whole world. Since 1963 teams from over 550 Law Schools and 100 countries around the world are simulating the presentation of a fictional case in front of the International Court of Justice. The National Rounds are usually conducted in February/March of every year, while the International Finals - in which the best three german teams may participate – take place in April in Washington D.C. There, the teams compete against each other to win the popular Jessup Trophy and test each other's skills in public international law, substantive argumentation concerning unsolved problems and especially rhetoric.

Bucerius Law School passionately participates in this great challenge and has already been quite successful:

2013/2014Jan Stey, Jonas Versen, Max Jürgens, Philipp Eschenhagen (Oralists), Cathleen Haack (Researcher)Edward Martin
  • First Participation of Bucerius Law School in the National Rounds
2014/2015Annalena Brokering, Magdalena Göbel, Julia Bartos, Philipp Eschenhagen (Oralists)Max Jürgens
  • Winner of the Graf von Westphalen Best National Memorial Award
2015/2016Fabian Eichberger, Jannik Maas, Christoph Saake, Alexander WagnerJulia Bartos, Magdalena Göbel
  • First Participation in the International Finals in Washington D.C.


  • German National Champion
  • Gleiss Lutz Award for the Best National Speaker: Alexander Wagner
  • Latham & Watkins Award für den Best Oralist of the German National Final: Fabian Eichberger
  • International Advanced Rounds Team, ranked No. 13 worldwide
2016/2017Miran Aymaz, Katharina Graf, Leonie Lentner, Leo MittagPhilipp Eschenhagen, Alisa Priess, Christoph Saake
  • Participation in the German National Rounds, ranked No 11


Model United Nations (MUN)

The Bucerius MUN team meets weekly during fall trimester and simulates UN debates. Every December, the whole Bucerius delegation takes part in the MUN conference at Hamburg. A selected group of 10-11 students travels to an international conference in January or February. Last but not least, participating in an European conference is the perfect finale for MUN debating.

Previous Participations:

  • 12/2016 HamMUN: Honorable Mention
  • 02/2017 NaMUN: Best Delegate, Book Award
  • 05/2017 C'MUN Barcelona: Outstanding diplomats (3x)

Contact: ICCMediation(at)

Oxford International Intellectual Property Law Moot

The Oxford IP Moot Team is jointly supervised by the Bucerius IP Center and the Foreign Language Communication Program of Bucerius Law School and will take part annually from 2015 on in the highly prestigious Oxford International Intellectual Property Law Moot. Organized by the Oxford Intellectual Property Research Centre, 24 teams from all over the world meet each year in spring at Pembroke College in Oxford to negotiate copyright, trademark or patent law cases.

Previous Participations:

  • 2015: first participation
  • 2016: qualification for the round of the best 24 teams
  • 2017: 1st place, award for 4th best speaker in the preliminary rounds


  • Lezel Roddeck, Director Foreign Language Communication Programme at Bucerius Law School, lezel.roddeck(at)
  • Karsten Windler, Head of Center for Transnational IP, Media and Technology Law and Policy at Bucerius Law School

Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot

Bucerius Law School has been participating in the world’s biggest Moot Court for more than ten years. The competition consists of two parallel Moot Courts in Vienna (300 teams) as well as Hong Kong (100 teams). It addresses one extensive file with core problems in the fields of arbitration law and the UN Convention of International Sale of Goods. Since 2013, Bucerius has been sending two teams to both competitions and supports them through professional coaching.

Previous participation (recent extract):

  • 2011: Quarterfinals, Honourable Mention for Claimant Memorandum, Individual Prizes for Barbara Richter (2nd Runner-up) and Maximilian Hocke (Honourable Mention) at Hong Kong
  • 2012: Quarterfinals; Individual Prize for Pierre Trippel (Honourable Mention) at Vienna
  • 2013: Quarterfinals, Honourable Mention for Claimant Memorandum at Vienna
  • 2014: Round of 32; Honourable Mention for Respondent Memorandum; Individual Prize for Julia Lotze (2nd Runner-up) at Hong Kong
  • 2015: Round of 16 at Vienna, Round of 32 at Hong Kong, Honourable Mention for Claimant Memorandum, Individual Prizes for Victoria Kurtenbach (Honourable Mention) and Giancarlo Capurro (Honourable Mention)
  • 2016: Round of 16 in Vienna, Honourable Mention category "Team Orals", Honourable Mention category "Individual Oralists" (Thilo Kerkhoff und Vanessa Nickelsen)