This will give you an overview of the costs associated with participating in a summer program at Bucerius Law School.

Cost of Attendance

  • There is no application fee
  • There is a 15% discount if you apply by March 1
  • Tuition covers participation in classes and extracurricular activities
  • All other costs such as travel, accommodation, meals etc. are not included in the tuition fee
  • Tuition is EUR 2,200 for
    • International Business Law
    • Licensing Transactions in Intellectual Property
  • Tuition is EUR 2,500 for
    • Legal Technology and Operations


  • €200 deposit: within 2 weeks of receiving the admissions email
  • Full tuition
    • May 1 for participants who applied by March 1
    • June 1 for participants who applied by May 1
  • If payment is not made within the agreed upon time-frame, the application is considered withdrawn
  • Participants must cover any international transfer fees


Living expenses

This is an estimate of costs in addition to the tuition fees.

Accommodation (AirBnB, shared apartments etc.) 1000
Meals (Bucerius has a coffee shop and a cafeteria, Hamburg has many international restaurants) 250
Personal 170
Liability Insurance 40
Public Transportation   90
TOTAL 1550


A 15% discount off the normal tuition fee is available for

  • Applicants who apply by the early decision deadline March 1
  • Alumni of any Bucerius Law School programs
  • Students of Bucerius partner unversities
  • Students officially recommended by Bucerius alumni or faculty

Tuition waivers

  • One full tuition scholarship per program
  • All other financial aid are partial tuition waivers
  • Very limited funding for highly qualified applicants
  • Applicants must fill out the scholarship application form and upload the PDF with their application for admission
  • Scholarship applications that are not submitted at the same time as the application for admission cannot be considered

Cancellation Policy

The fees are fully refundable if

  • the programs are cancelled due to world events, inadequate enrollment or other unforeseen circumstances
  • the program site is ever declared to be an "Area of Instability" and an admitted student decides to withdraw because of this

The fees are partially refundable if a participant officially withdraws in writing (email suffices). The deadlines below apply.

The deposit is always non-refundable

Withdrawal dateTuition refund
Up to 30 days before program startComplete refund, except deposit
Less than 30 days before program start50%
Non attendance without prior notification0%

Withdrawals due to unforeseen circumstances such as health issues, visa issues or family emergencies will be taken into special consideration and examined on a case-by-case basis.

Updated: March 2024


Student Services

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Legal Technology and Operations

Legal Technology and Operations

Discover how technology will change the future of law and legal services and influence your future career.

International Business Law

International Business Law

Hone your expertise in business law, gain international experience, earn extra credits and build a global network.

Licensing Transactions in Intellectual Property

Licensing Transactions in Intellectual Property

Gain new insights into IP policies and practices while perfecting your negotiation skills.


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