First-class academicians and practitioners

The expertise of the diverse faculty teaching in the Summer Program in Licensing Transactions in Intellectual Property law guarantees a unique learning experience.

Academic Directors

Prof. Dr. Jeffrey Lefstin and Prof. Dr. Dana Beldiman

Prof. Dr. Jeffrey Lefstin

Academic Director and Lecturer Limitations on License Agreements

Prof. Dr. Jeffrey Lefstin and Prof. Dr. Dana Beldiman

Prof. Dr. Dana Beldiman

Academic Director and Lecturer Limitations on License Agreements

Lecturers 2023 (faculty 2024 to be confirmed)

Prof. Ryan Abbott

Lecturer Intellectual Property and AI-Generated Works

Pauline Boppert

Pauline Boppert

Dr. Stefan Dittmer

Dr. Stefan Dittmer

Lecturer Algorithmic Licensing: Technological and Legal Issues

Michael Friedman

Lecturer Negotation Principles

Philipp Dohnke

Dr. Philipp Dohnke

Lecturer Licensing in Biotech

Dr. Jacek Lagoni

Lecturer IT and Cloud Projects - Legal Framework and Negotations

Allison Mages (tbc)

Lecturer IP Aspects of Technology Transactions

Ulf Marquardt

Dr. Ulf Marquardt

Lecturer Successful License Relationships

Zoi Michalopoulou

IP Transactions Based on Blockchain and Smart Contracts

Philipp Plog

Dr. Philipp Plog

Lecturer Licensing and Collaboration Strategies for Legal Tech Business Models in Germany

Kristoff Ritlewski

Prof. Dr. Kristoff Ritlewski

Lecturer Trademark Licensing: Case Law & Practice

Lezel Roddeck

Lecturer Drafting Principles

Stefan Papastefanou

Lecturer Non-Fungible Tokens and the Revolution of the Digital Arts Market

Christian Stoll

Christian Stoll

Lecturer Legal Aspects of Licensing

Karsten Thorn

Prof. Dr. Karsten Thorn

Lecturer Conflict of Laws in International Agreements

Libby Toub

Annemarie Westpfahl

Dr. Annemarie Westpfahl


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