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Bucerius Law School is committed to providing its students with the highest possible level of administrative support.

International Office

We are your experts in all matters regarding study abroad and international exchange. We will support before and during your time at Bucerius, so you can concentrate on making the best of your experience in Hamburg.

Services and information for Summer Program participants

Finding a place to live in Hamburg

Bucerius does not have any on-campus or dormitory housing of its own. However, the campus is easily accessible by public transportation and the International Office actively assists you in finding suitable accommodation.

General Information

  • Bucerius does not have its own residence halls
  • The campus is centrally-located and easily accessible by public transport
  • Short-term housing is difficult to find and prices are high
  • Prices depend on size and location, they can range from EUR 500 for a room in a shared apartment to EUR 1,800 for a studio in a popular neighborhood
  • We recommend that students search for shared apartments together (a LinkedIn group to connect will be set up)
  • After admission, students will be given access to the Bucerius International intranet with further information about the Hamburg housing market, such as neighborhood information, useful websites, rental agencies etc.
  • For information about the different neighborhoods, check out our "Living in Hamburg" section

Student Residence Halls

  • For the exchange program, there is a limited number of rooms available in a residence hall
  • Unfortunately, there are no residence hall rooms available for summer program participants due to the short duration of the program

Subletting from Bucerius students

  • In the fall term, students are encouraged to swap their apartments with a Bucerius student who is going to spend their study abroad semester at the student's home university. They may also sublet without swapping their apartments.
  • In the summer, there may be additional sublet offers from the Bucerius community.

Exploring Hamburg and its surroundings

The International Office organizes extracurricular activities for both the exchange and summer programs.

Something for everybody

Explore Hamburg together with the International Office! We organize trips to museums, medieval towns close to Hamburg, networking events on campus etc.

However, everyone should reserve some extra time to explore Hamburg on their own, too. Hamburg has something for everyone:

For some general background information about living in Hamburg, check out our "Living in Hamburg" section.


"The extracurricular activities elevated the Summer Programme to be about more than just academics, but also about enjoying the city of Hamburg and its vibrant culture."
Reabetswe, South Africa, International Business Law

Intercultural Environment

"Life in and outside the campus couldn’t be better, seeing so many people from all countries and cultures living in a such a peaceful environment was really nice to witness. I leave Hamburg and Bucerius Law School with the hope of coming back."
Lucas, Argentina, Licensing Transactions in Intellectual Property

Safe and peaceful

"Hamburg is a lovely city, an extremely calm, safe as well as a peaceful place to live. Compared to Brazil, I felt more safe and less judged in Hamburg and I've found people more focused and determined, although they still manage to have time to have fun and enjoy the beautiful views that the city provides."
Davi, Brazil, International Business Law

Getting around the city

Hamburg has an excellent public transport system (HVV) which means that you will not need a car to get around.

HVV Ticket

Exchange Program

  • students receive a free student public transportation ticket

Summer Program

  • students should purchase weekly tickets 

Tickets are valid for the subway, some regional trains, buses and some commuter ferries

For more information on public transit, visit: HVV Website.

Hamburg by bike

  • StadtRAD (City Bike), a bike-for-hire network that covers the whole inner-city area.
  • Renting stations around the city
  • 30 minutes free of charge, then you pay by the minute
  • or rent a bike for a whole day


"Hamburg has an amazing integrated public transport service. Although I was living quite far from Campus, I had no problem arriving to classes on time by taking the bus and the metro with a monthly ticket, in a very comfortable journey. Walking or taking the public transport at any time feels safe."
Maria, Peru, Summer Program in International Transactions in Intellectual Property

Who needs an entry visa?

  • Check with the German mission in your home country to determine whether and how to apply for an tourist visa.
  • Apply as soon as possible as the process for obtaining an entry visa may take several months.


Exchange Program

  • proof of health insurance is required for enrollment at Bucerius and your visa
  • we strongly recommend buying German health insurance as international insurances can often not be accepted for enrollment 
  • students can purchase insurance through Bucerius
  • detailed information will be available on the Bucerius intranet in May
  • EU students can use their home country insurance

Summer Programs

  • health insurance will be required if you need a visa
  • for all others having travel health insurance is strongly recommended


"The International Office team are the best! They are extremely friendly, helpful and lovely individuals and I couldn't ask for a better team."
Anonymous, from program evaluation


"The International Office provided us with every detail which was useful. Thanks for having such an amazing team."
Anonymous, from program evaluation


"I am impressed with the efficiency and smooth organization of the course. The administration did a great job."
Anonymous, from program evaluation


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Legal Technology and Operations

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International Business Law

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Licensing Transactions in Intellectual Property

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