As an exchange student, you do not pay tuition at Bucerius Law School. However, your home university may require that you continue paying tuition during your term abroad.

Bucerius covers the costs for extracurricular activities included in the program. That leaves the following expenses to be considered:

Estimated Costs 2024EUR
German language coursework (optional)190
Insurance: health and liability

approx. 180 (private)
approx. 550 (public)

Visa/Residence Permitapprox. 120
Housingapprox. 3,200
Food, clothing, miscellaneous household goodsapprox. 1,800
Travel and other expensesapprox. 1,400
TOTAL~ 7,100 EUR

* Please note that costs for housing vary widely, from EUR 500 for a room in a shared apartment to EUR 1,800 for a studio in a popular neighborhood. Also, energy costs are subject to change and may alter the cost of housing.

Cost of Living in Germany - Further Resources

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