Internationalization of an Enterprise

Module 4

Drafting International Sales Contracts

Prof. Dr. Stefan Kröll

Sales contracts are the backbone of international commerce. Using the sales contract governed by the CISG as an example the course addresses what considerations parties have to take into account when drafting international contracts. Against the statutory background of the CISG, which will first be explained, the need for regulation will be evaluated and drafting advices will be given for particular clauses. Topics covered are the role of the relevant statutory background and its determination (choice of law), problems of contract conclusion and inclusion of standard terms, description of the goods and examination duties, INCOTERMS, regulation of remedies in particular penalty clauses, regulation of changed circumstances, the Model Sales Contract by the ICC, special problems of more complex contracts.


International Taxation

Assistant Prof. Dr. Barbara Stage

The aim of the course International Taxation is to deepen the understanding of the influence of taxation on multinational corporations. The course content covers national and international tax aspects. The course focuses on taxation of globally active companies from a multinational perspective. The course applies concepts of international taxation to business decisions. The course covers, for example, the treatment of foreign profits, tax treatment of branches and subsidiaries, cross-border financing of companies, anti-avoidance rules, and transfer pricing. The major focus of the course relates to the economic consequences of taxation on business decisions, tax planning, tax avoidance, and the interaction with tax authorities. The course discusses practical problems and business decisions using case studies.


International Trade and Investment

Prof. Dr. Natalia Ribberink

The course provides an introduction to international trade and investment, with a specific focus on international trade policy and instruments, major forms of international trade as well as theories and forms of foreign direct investment (FDI), respective government policies and instruments, and their business implications.