Management and Ethics

Module 12


Introduction to Leadership

Prof. Dr. Martin Högl

The fundamental objective of this introductory segment on leadership is to get you started on your leadership development journey during the MLB program at Bucerius. The idea is to familiarize you with state-of-the-art thinking on leadership, and ultimately to spark your continuing reflection on your own leadership.


Business Ethics

Prof. Dr. Matthias Meyer

Cases such as Enron or BP show that making the right decisions concerning ethical issues can be critical for the financial success or even the survival of a company. Similarly negotiations and contracts are strongly influenced by ethical aspects. The objective of the Business Ethics course is to provide the theoretical basis and to develop the skills to successfully address such issues. It will give an introduction to the main ideas of a modern conception of business ethics, which is based on the idea that ethics and economics are not necessarily in conflict. The concepts provided will form the basis for the analysis and discussion of typical ethical problems confronted by management. By using the case study method, different issues such as trust, corruption, environmental protection, child labor, relevance of values, human rights and other problems in the process of globalization will be discussed.
Students participating in this course will learn the concepts and tools necessary for analyzing typical ethical problems from a management perspective. As a result, participants will develop an analytical competence in resolving ethical problems and improve their competence in effectively communicating about these issues.


Legal Ethics and Compliance

Niels Hartwig, Dr. Wolfgang Heckenberger, Annette Kraus

In-house Legal and Compliance professionals in companies are confronted today with huge regulatory challenges and a growing expectation to be the "gate keepers" for ethical business conduct, esp. in areas with a high risk exposure. To live up to these expectations a modern legal and compliance management is needed which on the one hand is close to the business operations but on the other hand also serves as a guardian to protect the reputation of the company. The Legal Ethics and Compliance workshop considers these challenges in an international and intercultural context using as a case study the past experience, the development and the present set-up of the Legal & Compliance function at the multinational company Siemens. The workshop is conducted by senior in-house experts of Siemens. They will share with the students real life examples of the legal and compliance issues that professionals are facing today in their responsibility to mitigate risks and enable clean business.