Master's Thesis

Module 10

While practically-oriented, the Bucerius Master of Law and Business is a graduate program that also emphasizes the importance of research. During the first six weeks of the summer term, participants work with faculty members in the choosing of a topic for their master's thesis. During that time, the students will receive instruction in research techniques, including use of on-line databases and use of the Bucerius library and other libraries in Hamburg.

When appropriate, participants will be encouraged and assisted in combining the master's thesis with their experience during their internships. After the end of classes in summer term, the participants have six weeks to devote to the drafting of the thesis.

Master's Thesis Preparation Course

Prof. Dr. Matthias Meyer

In order to assist students in the drafting of their master's thesis we are offering a mandatory Master's Thesis Preparation Course. This course has two aims:

  • it informs the students about the requirements to be observed regarding the master's thesis (e.g. deadlines, word count, the no-plagiarism rule of Bucerius Law School), and
  • it assists students in writing their thesis.

Moreover, in workshop format, the substantive and formal issues to be observed when writing an academic thesis are discussed and exercises are provided. Thus, students learn how to find a suitable topic and how to develop and structure the discussion of a hypothesis.

Moreover, different methodology is presented and assistance is given to students to find the methodology they want to apply. During this part of the course, the prominent function of footnotes is taught and the no-plagiarism rule of Bucerius Law School is repeated by way of examples. An example of the outer structure of a thesis is distributed and the best practice arrangement and presentation of the text is discussed. Students get training in academic writing and information on how to improve their English writing.

Throughout the course students will be provided with several research and writing tasks. All students are obliged to prepare and submit a thesis outline. The outline is to be used by the students to find the two examiners evaluating the thesis. The due date for the submission of the examiners and of the outline is at the beginning of the summer term.

Participation in the first part of the course is mandatory (no-plagiarism rule of Bucerius Law School, other formal issues will be addressed). Participation in the second part of the course is on a voluntary basis. Still, participation in the entire Master's Thesis Prep Course is strongly recommended.