Welcome to Hamburg


Settle in, prepare for the start of the curriculum and get to know your classmates, our team and the city of Hamburg. To ensure a smooth start into the program, Bucerius Law School has devised a complete and versatile two-week orientation program. We strongly recommend you to participate, as the program includes:

  • preparatory courses in management and law to prepare for the curriculum,
  • a Meet & Greet with alumni to network and share experiences,
  • the official Graduation & Welcome Ceremony for a taste of the Law School Spirit,
  • excursions and evening get-togethers to get to know each other and the city,
  • academic advisory sessions to make the most of your time at Bucerius, and
  • the opportunity to receive assistance with a range of administrative matters.

General Management

Prof. Dr. Peter Witt

This course is aimed to provide students with the necessary business and management knowledge which is needed to follow the upcoming business/economics classes. The course takes a general manager’s perspective on how to run a company successfully. It makes participants familiar with the major tasks of a general manager. The course introduces institutional economics as a simple, yet useful theoretical foundation to explain several challenges of general management. Participants get to know fundamental principles of individual and organizational decision making under risk. The course also investigates the organization of decision making and control in larger companies. Finally, we analyze how managers can take strategic decisions and implement corporate strategies.

Business Essentials Simulation

Prof. Dr. Christina Günther, JProf. Dr. Nicole Gottschalck

Starting, growing and internationalizing the business are important milestones in many companies’ lifecycles. In this introductory session to business essentials, each of these steps will be simulated and theoretical knowledge will be combined with practical application in an interactive simulation game. The focus of this business simulation is not on a single topic. In interdisciplinary groups of several students, participants will be responsible for coordinating and controlling all activities of their own business. They will get to learn common management tools to guide their decisions and to practice how relevant decision parameters play out in practice. This way, students will be able to apply their existing and new knowledge in a first-hand experience of analyzing businesses from a holistic management perspective.

Law Preparation Course

Prof. Dr. Carsten Jungmann, Prof. Christopher Bisping, Prof. Dr. Stefan Kröll

This optional, yet highly recommended course is designed to prepare students for the legal courses in the Master of Law and Business and to get acquainted with the European/German legal system and the particularities of law exams. The course consists of three parts.

Part 1 - The Legal Aspects of Conducting Business: A German Example

First, participants familiarize themselves with the economic background for investments in Germany as well as with the German legal system and its position in the European Union. This part of the course also covers topics such as sources of law, legal education and the role of judges, lawyers and other legal professionals in Germany. Finally, students will acquire a basic understanding of the legal framework for business organizations.

Part 2 - Application of the Law

In this part, the focus lies on practical aspects, especially on questions of interpreting the law and on suitable legal research methods. This part prepares students to fulfil their role in both the legal environment in general and the MLB/LL.M. course in particular.

Part 3 - Writing Law Exams

This final part of the prep course is primarily designed to actively involve students in the learning process. Based on previous training sessions on how to apply legal provisions and to interpret statutes, students will be confronted with tasks, expectations and tactics commonly connected with law exams.

Marijana Babic '13, Croatia
"The orientation program helped all of us embrace the diversity that comes with having classmates from 31 different countries and understand our cultural differences at the very beginning."
Marijana Babic '13 Croatia