Studium generale

Module 11

Bucerius Law School is committed to educating young professionals who look beyond their social and intellectual horizon. That is why, in addition to the academic curriculum, the program includes a Studium generale which covers topics other than law or business as well as a Social Project.

Challenging perspectives

The Studium generale is a mandatory part of the program. It consists of lectures and discussions relating to a wide variety of topics that intersect with, but transcend the strict confines of law and business instruction.

By integrating the great diversity in cultural and legal backgrounds of the students in the program, the Studium generale aims to allow students both to become more aware of other points of view on matters of broad interest, as well to be better able to place their own views in international context.

Topics in the Studium generale include:

  • introductions to the home countries of the participants,
  • the role of religious beliefs in society,
  • the benefits and disadvantages of international development aid, and
  • population issues in different countries and ethical questions.

The Studium generale takes a variety of different forms, namely:

  • presentations
  • lectures
  • discussions and debates
  • excursions.

Social Project

The Studium generale also includes a 30-hour social project, which takes place at the end of the academic year and reflects the Bucerius belief that future leaders must not only have an excellent academic background; they must also be ready to shoulder responsibility in the societies in which they live. The students choose and organize the social project which enables them to "give back" to the community.

Over the past several years, students have worked in a wide variety of projects:

  • for children with cancer,
  • for the homeless,
  • for children with little connection to higher education,
  • for the environment, and many others.

Through the giving of their time and their talents, the students of the Bucerius Master of Law and Business produce results of which they can be proud and set an example for others.

"Das Georgische Kind" Social Project

In July 2015, a large group of Master of Law and Business students flew to the Georgian capital of Tbilisi to deliver donations to three different orphanages. In addition to this, the students spent a week organizing fun activities for the kids and exposing them to new cultures.

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