Workshops & Languages

Soft skills and languages are key for anyone aspiring an international career. Some of these skills you will pick up naturally in the course of the year thanks to the truly international classroom of the Master of Law and Business. In addition, however, these trainings, workshops and courses will help you on your way.

Presentation workshop

Effective presentation requires the synthesis of many skills. The Bucerius Master of Law and Business offers hands-on workshops focusing above all on the 'mechanical' aspects of presentation, for example body language, eye contact, voice modulation, the use of pause and interactive dynamics. Consideration will also be given to structural concepts and communication theory. Participants will prepare and deliver a total of four brief presentations to their fellow workshop participants who will subsequently provide comments, feedback and suggestions.

German language classes

Your experience in Germany will be enhanced greatly if you have at least a basic command of the German language. That's why the Bucerius Master of Law and Business offers tailor-made German courses for its students throughout the academic year. The courses are scheduled in such as way that students can take all of the regular courses as well as the language courses. All courses are taught by trained instructors for German as a Foreign Language.

For students without any previous knowledge of German.

  • Basic communication skills for everyday situations: greetings, numbers, shopping, restaurant, asking for the time/directions, everyday situations (how to apologize, how to say thank you, etc),

  • German pronunciation and alphabet,

  • Frequently used grammatical forms for immediate use, e.g. articles, present tense, sentence structure.

For students with little knowledge of German.

  • Review of basic communication skills for everyday situations, expansion of vocabulary, topics e.g.: shopping, hobbies, likes and dislikes, expressions of time, apartment/furniture;

  • Elementary grammar based on the previous knowledge of the students (e.g. possessive articles, modal verbs, prepositions, imperative, past tense (Perfekt), comparative/superlative, ordinal numbers).

For students with basic knowledge of German.

The course focuses on communication and expansion of vocabulary. Topics and grammar focus on e.g. tenses, adjectives, prepositions, verbs with prepositions, passive, subordinate clauses, sentence structure, subjunctive II.

For students with a good command of German.

Course will be adjusted to students' needs/interests, topics and grammar focus (e.g. adjective declension, subjunctives, verbs with prefixes) will be decided upon in the class.

Students can also take advantage of the Bucerius Law School Language Center and enroll in French and Spanish classes, as well as classes in Chinese and Russian if there is a sufficient number of interested students.

Joana Costa '12, Portugal
"The MLB encompasses engaging classes and fruitful discussions, but there is one lesson I learned above all: the true meaning of tolerance. Working with people from so many different backgrounds allowed us to understand how different culture and values can make us and - more importantly - to respect those differences."
Joana Costa '12 Portugal