10 Reasons Why

Interdisciplinary. International. Practice-oriented.

More than just an LLM

More than just one law

More Than Just An MBA

More Than Just A Linear Approach

More than just Germany

More than just studying

More than just research

More than just academics

More than just a year

More than just our word

Thomas Hocks (Germany), Director - Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, Abu Dhabi, UAE

"The challenges international corporations face, arise not only from the business side, but are increasingly at an intersection with law, economics, and politics. In order to help their clients, management consultants need to understand multiple if not all of these dimensions. The MLB is an excellent program that cuts through various disciplines and provides this valuable 'intersection knowledge'."

Jovana Zec (Serbia), Commercial Contracts Specialist at Vestas, Hamburg, Germany

"The MLB creates a unique academic environment, where young professionals with different backgrounds from various cultures meet and thrive together. With the interdisciplinary approach, graduates gain a better understanding of business’ risks associated with complex legal issues and vice versa. Furthermore, they develop a skill set necessary for good communication in any international environment. For me personally, it was a prefect preparation for my current job where I daily liaise with people from all over the world."