The world on our campus: start of Bucerius Summer Programs

Law students from 37 nations come together in Hamburg for this year's Bucerius Summer Programs

During their time in Hamburg, participants take part in coursework and activities focused on practical aspects of either International Business Law, Sports Law or International IP Transactions. To learn each other’s names and get settled on campus, members of the three groups came together for an evening reception with Law School CEO Meinhard Weizmann, Dr. Carsten Jungmann, the Academic Director of the Sports Law program, and the team of the Clifford Chance International Office.

On July 10, 2017, the Bucerius campus welcomed 85 students and young professionals from 37 nations to kick off its three summer programs. The first week included a guided walking tour of the city center and Speicherstadt, the expansive brick warehouse district that was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in July 2015.

Participants in the Int’l Business Law program explored practical elements of Business Mediation with Prof. Dr. Lars Kirchhoff and Julia von Dobeneck of the European University Viadrina. Prof. Dr. Peter Huber, Professor of Law at Johannes-Gutenberg-University Mainz and third-time lecturer within the program, returned to Hamburg to lead a course on International Commercial Litigation. Taking a break from reading, the group enjoyed an excursion to Lübeck and the Baltic Coast to ease into their first weekend.

Participants in the comparative IP Law program traveled to the ZAL Tech Center (Zentrum für Angewandte Luftfahrtforschung), a state-of-the-art civilian aviation research facility opened in March 2016, to meet with Dr. Carsten Sprenger, Senior Legal Counsel at Airbus Operations GmbH. The group investigated licensing challenges encountered in 3D printing. Following a morning of brainstorming and presenting their strategies, participants toured the Hamburg Airbus facility for an inside look at the company’s supply chain and local production line.

Those in the Sports Law cohort visited the home stadium of the HSV, a Hamburg-based sports club with a large soccer division, to tour the facility and take part in a discussion on stadium pyrotechnics and the Club’s security concept. They also made large advances in planning a sports event to be held on the second Friday of the program—the culmination of two weeks of intensive work applying concepts from lectures to practice. Topics explored during the first days of the Law School’s youngest summer program focused primarily on skills of negotiation as they apply to the field of sports, e.g., broadcasting and other IP rights in sporting events and the transfer of football players.

Balin Loftus