Press Releases

We are proud to present a selection of recent publications by Bucerius scholars:

Dr Paulina Starski

A Book presentation in Moscow

Bucerius PhD students shine in leading conference on fairness, morality and public policy in IP

The Non Profit Law Yearbook 2017 contains a number of significant lectures that were held at the Hamburger Tage Conference on the law of foundations...

Takayuki Hiroshima, a Visiting Scholar from the University of Osaka, Japan, spent two years at Bucerius Law School. His research focus: the...

A symposium on the economic analysis of the civil-law problems arising out of automation and the internet.

Published in the European Business Organization Law Review (EBOR)

Join us for a day on campus!

The newly established Institute for Medical Law opened on February 21, 2018 at Bucerius Law School as part of the third Bucerius Medical Law Day.

Bucerius Law School raises its academic profile in the area of international dispute resolution.