Visiting Scholars Program

Joachim Herz U.S. Exchange Program for Young Legal Scholars

Since 2017, the Joachim Herz Foundation and the Bucerius Law School have launched the "Joachim Herz U.S. Exchange Program for Young Legal Scholars." It is designed for young academics whose research focuses on various aspects of comparative and international law and who spend a certain amount of time at a foreign university.

More about the Joachim Herz Fellowship

Visiting scholars at Bucerius

Interviews with past scholars

Peter Heidepriem, USA

Fiona Theobald, USA

Prof. Shubha Ghosh, USA

Seyed Rowhani, USA

Prof. Arpan Banerjee, India

Franziska Lehner, Austria

Takayuki Harashima, Japan

David Stute, USA

Hiromi Naito, Japan

Prof. Avishalom Tor, USA


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Application & Admission Process

Visiting scholars must be sponsored by a Bucerius faculty member who is willing to act as an advisor to the proposed research project.

Scholars are free to apply year-round and may choose to spend several weeks or up to six months at Bucerius. Admission decisions are normally sent to applicants within four weeks. 

Application Procedure (general visiting scholar program)

The application process involves two steps:

As a prospective scholar, identify and take up contact with a faculty member working in your field of research—a list of Bucerius professors and their contact information is available here. When establishing contact, be sure to include:

  • Curriculum vitae (incl. professional accomplishments, educational background, employment history, publications, awards)
  • Outline of your research project (no more than 2000 words).

Once a faculty member has agreed to support your stay at Bucerius, collect and submit the following documents as a single PDF (in German or English) to Kasia Kwietniewska, Director of the International Office:

  • Application form (available upon request)
  • Curriculum vitae (incl. professional accomplishments, educational background, employment history, publications, awards)
  • Letter of motivation
  • Outline of your research project (no more than 2000 words).

All prospective scholars, regardless of existing affiliation, must submit these items.


There is no fee for scholars who are invited to Bucerius through one of the law school’s own programs such as the Interdisciplinary Legal Research Program (ILRP) or Joachim Herz U.S. Exchange Program for Young Legal Scholars. Recipients of DAAD or Alexander von Humboldt Foundation scholarships are also exempt from paying fees.

All other scholars wishing to conduct research at Bucerius are subject to the following fees:

Up to 3 month stay:  no fee
3-6 month stay:         €500
7-12 month stay:       €1000

Accommodation in Hamburg

Bucerius does not have any on-campus or dormitory housing of its own. However, the campus is easily accessible by public transportation and the International Office assists scholars in finding suitable accommodation.


As a visiting scholar you profit from 24/7 access to the very modern Hengeler-Mueller Library equipped with high quality computer workstations, book scanners and wifi-enabled printers. Please note that the library is a reference library, i.e., books may not be checked out. The library inventory can be found through the electronic catalogue.

Working Space & WLAN

Bucerius offers a common working space for its visiting scholars. The office is equipped with PCs, a printer and stationery. Access to the campus wireless network will be provided.

Bucerius Card

Each visiting scholar will receive a Bucerius card.  This card allows you to enter the building and library at any time, including nights and weekends, as well as to use the copying machines. Moreover, you will need the card to pay in the Bucerius cafeteria and coffee shop, as neither location accepts cash.


Bucerius has a cafeteria where you can have lunch. In addition to the cafeteria, there is a Coffee Lounge where you can buy snacks, sandwiches and a variety of beverages.

Additional Support

The staff of the International Office is here to support you before and during your stay at Bucerius. You can count on their experience in working with international students, lecturers and visiting scholars on the various issues that accompany a term abroad. From recommendations of sightseeing tours or a nice restaurant for a relaxing dinner to questions about purchasing a prepaid SIM card or configuring your device for access to the campus wireless network, please do not hesitate to get in contact.


Kasia Kwietniewska
Director, International Office