2nd Bucerius Conference on Investment Law and Arbitration

supported by Dr. Yas Banifatemi and Professor Dr. Kaj Hobér

We are proud to announce our second conference on Investment Law & Arbitration featuring Dr. Yas Banifatemi and Professor Dr. Kaj Hobér as its Honorary Patrons. The conference will be part of the Hamburg International Arbitration Days, which are jointly organized by Bucerius Law School, CAM-CCBC, Hamburg Arbitration Circle and Dispute Resolution Hamburg.

Subject to the development of the Covid-19 pandemic (for further details, see below), the 2nd Bucerius Conference on Investment Law & Arbitration will take place at Bucerius Law School in Hamburg, Germany on April 2 and 3, 2022.

Call for Abstracts

The 2nd Bucerius Conference on Investment Law and Arbitration is tailored towards up-and-coming scholars from all jurisdictions with a research interest in investment law and arbitration (e.g., research assistants and fellows, graduate students, Ph.D. candidates as well as young lawyers). It seeks to promote a holistic approach to issues in investor-state disputes, facilitating exchange between academia and practice.

The conference is structured around the discussion of current challenges in investment law and arbitration: While participants will present their main ideas developed in their draft papers at the conference, the focus will be on cross-topic panel discussions of these ideas. For this purpose, each participant will be assigned to one of the panels based on the topic of their submitted draft paper. To enable vivid and high-quality panel discussions, the draft papers will be circulated among the participants prior to the conference. Additionally, all panels will be moderated by experienced professionals from the field of investment protection to further enhance the discussions and to provide additional insights.


Theme and Topics

Investment law and arbitration are the workhorses of international economic law. They are heavily relied upon around the globe and have to cope with the demands of countless and increasingly complex proceedings. At the same time, they regularly are the subject of a heated debate in the midst of public opinion. Both of these factors have led to the field of investment protection being a focus of the international legal community and subject to continuous changes. Therefore, investment protection presents an abundance of challenges in its interpretation and application.

While these problems are often deeply rooted in the doctrinal foundations of international law, they similarly surface during arbitral proceedings. Debating these common challenges of academics and practitioners, the goal of the conference is to bridge this gap between academic analysis and legal practice. Given this objective, topics for papers should be selected with a view to the practical impact on current challenges in investment law and arbitration.

Relevant fields of investment law and arbitration include:

  • Procedural Challenges and Developments (e.g., Frivolous Claims – Multiple Proceedings – Counterclaims – Investor-State Dispute Mitigation and Mediation)
  • Substantive Issues in Investment Law and Arbitration (e.g., Human Rights – Climate Change – Covid-19 – Outer Space Disputes)
  • Treaty Interpretation in Investment Law (e.g., Treaty Parties’ Control Over Treaty Interpretation – Consistency, Predictability and Role of Precedents)
  • Financial Aspects and Costs in Investment Arbitration (e.g., Third Party Funding – Allocation of Costs – Rights of Project Finance Lenders – Expedited Procedure)
  • Legitimacy and Transparency (e.g., Arbitrator Screening and Nomination – Double Hatting – Diversity)
  • Changing Landscape of Investment Protection (e.g., EU Law and Investment Treaties – Brexit – Renegotiation and Termination of Investment Treaties)


Travel Allowance and Scholarships

Each admitted panelist will receive a travel allowance in the amount of up to EUR 100. Food and beverages will be provided during the conference.

In addition, there will be scholarships for the two best abstracts (for the best abstract: EUR 1,000; for the runner-up: EUR 500).


Draft and Final Papers

The draft papers to be submitted before the conference are intended as a basis for the panel discussions. They should already express the author’s main ideas and arguments in the format of a research paper. However, all draft papers will be treated as early working documents subject to further substantive and editorial revisions.

Final papers to be submitted two months after the conference shall be up to 7,500 words (including footnotes). Subject to the publisher’s peer review, the final papers will be published in an edited conference volume. For the conference volume of the 1st BCILA, see here.



The deadline for the submission of abstracts is January 21, 2022 (GMT 10 PM).

Successful applicants for participation will be notified by January 24, 2022 (GMT 10 PM).

The deadline for the draft papers is March 24,2022 (GMT 10 PM).

The deadline for the final papers is June 3, 2022 (GMT 10 PM).



Panelists will be admitted based on their abstracts on an issue in the field of investment law and arbitration relevant to academia and practice. Abstracts shall not exceed 700 words.

Applicants should submit their abstracts alongside their affiliation, contact details and a CV including all relevant prior publications via email to ilaconference(at)law-school.de.


Covid-19 pandemic

Although we hope that travelling will be possible and reasonable for those interested in attending the conference, we are, of course, aware that the situation may develop contrary to our expectations. Therefore, we will regularly assess the necessity and feasibility of holding the 2nd BCILA as a hybrid or even fully remote event.


We would like to thank our partners for their support in organizing and promoting the conference.

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