Bucerius Law Clinic

People in need of legal counsel on one side. Law students who wish to use their skills and knowledge for the benefit of others. That is what the Law Clinic is all about!

About the Law Clinic

The Law Clinic is a cooperation of Bucerius Law School and the Diakonie Hamburg. It was initiated by the Center for Integration North Hamburg, the Diakonie Hamburg and the students of Bucerius Law School. Under the guidance of 22 local attorneys, around 60 Bucerius students offer free legal counsel to people in need. The Bucerius Law Clinic follows the proven example of those common at law schools in the United States.

Legal counsel for people in need

The offer is directed at people who have limited access to high-quality legal counsel due to their financial or personal situation, and who would not be able to exercise their rights if it wasn't for the Law Clinic.

The focus of the advisory activity is on social justice, immigration law, family law and labor law. Thanks to international students from our Exchange or Master Program acting as interpreters, it is often even possible to conduct advisory sessions in the client's native language.

There is one unique aspect about the Law Clinic concept at Bucerius. It allows not only for legal counsel but, in individual cases, even legal representation in settlement or court proceedings. By cooperating closely with social workers, the Law Clinic is aiming for an integrated approach to counselling which transcends a purely legal perspective.

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The Law Clinic is a cooperation with the Diakonie Hamburg. Therefore, all applicants must be under the care of participating Diakonie institutions in order to benefit from the services of the Law Clinic. Contact the Diakonie Hamburg to find out about the participating institutions:

Diakonie-Hilfswerk Hamburg
Integrationszentrum Hamburg-Nord

Winterhuder Weg 31
22085 Hamburg
Tel.: 040 - 35 77 199 - 77
E-Mail: iz-nord(at)diakonie-hamburg.de


For questions about the Law School in general, please contact:

Dr. Bianca Sukrow
Law Clinic
20355 Hamburg
Tel.: (040) 3 07 06 – 106