Global Greetings

"What does Bucerius mean to you?"

On the occassion of our law school's 20th anniversary, we wanted to hear from our international alumni, lecturers and academic partners about the imprint of their Bucerius experience.


"Bucerius to me has been the place where I have found not only the best professors and professional learnings but, above all, I have met the most amazing people from all over the globe that I now call lifetime friends. For all these, I will always be thankful to the wonderful team Bucerius has and will be waiting for the next time to be back on campus!"
Estefanía Peiretti, Argentina, Exchange Program 2013, MLB 2016


"For me, Bucerius Law School is 'home away from home'. Being a Bucerius alumna means being a part of a very colorful international circle. It is comforting to know that I will find a classmate or a fellow alum to grab a coffee or discuss a business idea wherever I go."
S. Elif Kocaoglu Ulbrich, Turkey, MLB 2014


"The academic success accomplished by Bucerius Law School over such a short period of time is remarkable, and I am confident that this path will go on. It has truly inspired its students to achieve tremendous things and carry the name Bucerius with pride. Thanks to Bucerius, like many others, I have been able to develop my professional career in Germany and I will always be grateful for it."
Sazan Isufi, Kosovo, MLB 2019

United States

"Bucerius to me is the time and place in my life where I was able to embark upon new academic challenges. Ones that filled me with the courage to seek even greater challenges in my professional life."
Kimberley Ewton, United States, MLB 2013
Arpan Banerjee


"To me, Bucerius means friendly and supportive colleagues, bright students from around the world, and a lovely campus. I have met with professors from some of the world’s top universities, and the standard response I get when I mention Bucerius is 'That’s a very good law school!'."
Professor Arpan Banerjee, India, Visiting Scholar


"Bucerius was the place I realized my true potential and could take ownership to fulfil it. There is a great quote by Yeats about education and it goes like this: 'Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire'. This quote summarizes my experience at Bucerius Law School."
Antonio Kyore Beun, Argentina, Exchange Program 2012

United States

"I cherish my colleagues and the incredible institution that they have built, cultivating excellence in their field. As partner institutions, our team exchanges produce a close and productive bond, which we anticipate with joy whether hosting or visiting. I know the students feel our excitement and it inspires them to be even more committed to international engagement."
Susan Simone Kang, United States, Adjunct Projessor, Boston College Law School


"Bucerius completely changed my idea of what a lawyer could be. I have grown out of 'what is expected of me' to go towards creating the role that I find challenging and surprising, making myself to move from the comfort zone of legal advisory - to legal for the purpose of creating great businesses. I have never thought of myself as entrepreneurial and the switch did not happen over night - more like over two short semesters!"
Sonja Radovic, Serbia, MLB 2018


"Despite coming from different walks of life, at Bucerius Law School I learnt that the desire to be happy and healthy is universal. Through our teamworks and class assignments, together we were able to tackle the intractable challenges that we all face as global citizens. Our diverse cultures and nationalities served as a strength and taught us the beauty of seeing things through other people’s lenses. It is a skill that, with no doubt, smoothens our professional life when well applied. "
Lilian Gitahi, Kenya, MLB 2018


"A life-changing experience set in motion from a campus that feels like home."
Dr. Miquel Mirambell Fargas, Spain, MLB 2018

United States

"As a practicing intellectual property attorney, I often work with international clients. The Bucerius name carries immediate recognition. Bucerius has also meant lifelong connections with my fellow alumni, the faculty, and the school administration. "
Peter Prommer, USA, Exchange 2002


"It’s no secret that Bucerius stands for academic excellence. To me, however, the Law School means much more than the world class education I received during the MLB program: it represents the good times I shared with my talented classmates, the thought provoking lectures given by its top notch professors, the guidance of its outstanding staff and the many opportunities it has given me."
Pedro Vera Martinez, Mexico, MLB 2013


"Bucerius is the place I rediscovered myself. The people I met, and the things I learnt revealed to me so many new perspectives on life and on being a professional."
Ajar Rab, India, MLB 2014, Doctoral Candidate

Czech Republic

"Above all, Bucerius Law School means to me a welcoming motivating community whose members are striving to achieve the best possible outcomes (both in academia and extracurricular activities) and support others to meet their goals. The Bucerius community has taught me to genuinely appreciate and consider different perspectives and enjoy pursuing new paths."
Jitka Coufalová, Czech Republic, Exchange Program 2011, MLB 2017, Summer Program 2013/2019


"My year at Bucerius has been the most memorable in my twenties, having spent time interacting with and more importantly learning from 51 classmates hailing from over 30 nationalities. Bucerius Law School has helped me tremendously in developing a global mindset."
Sanchali Pandey, India, MLB 2016

United States

"​​​​​​To me Bucerius Law School is a place where excellence meets a united community of international legal minds that want to bring positive change in the world. Studying at Bucerius changes you in a profound way, because you realize that you can do more with the law if you play an active role in its evolution. You can use it as a tool for the betterment of all humanity."
Val Myteberi, United States, Associate Dean, Graduate, International & Online Programs, Cardozo Law, Yeshiva University


"For me, Bucerius Law School stands for integrity, quality, pluralism, and community."
Henry Jurgens, Germany, Exchange Program 2016


"Bucerius gave me a pathway to another life. At Bucerius, I met like minded people who dreamt big and had bold plans for their lives. This human interaction element with the thought provoking education at Bucerius, only made me more curious as to what I want to and can do next; but it certainly helped me make up my mind not to go back to my comfort zone and to try my best to excel wherever my fortunes took me next. My time at Bucerius was invigorating and life changing. Bucerius was a changing point in my life. "
Bushra Abu-Tayeh, Jordan, MLB 2012

20 Years Bucerius Law School

20 Years Bucerius Law School