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Bucerius Law School is committed to affordability, which is why we offer several merit-based as well as need-based scholarships for students of the Master of Law and Business.

Available scholarships:

Bucerius Global Scholarships

The Bucerius Global Scholarship is the most prestigious scholarship offered for the Master of Law and Business Program. It honors the best applicants by providing full tuition as well as a stipend for living expenses.


Applicants who wish to be considered for the Bucerius Global Scholarships must send us their complete scholarship application via e-mail. Therefore, please merge and send the following documents to

  • An essay (in English) of 500 to 750 words that identifies a current legal or business controversy or challenge facing a country, specific region, or the world as such and outlines a realistic approach to address the issue
  • Financial aid application forms and supporting documents (download below)

The application deadline for the Bucerius Global Scholarship is January 15, 2020.


The Bucerius Global Scholars will be chosen by a distinguished committee of Bucerius faculty, administration, alumni and representatives of the anonymous benefactor who has provided generous funding for the Global Scholarships.

Decisions regarding the Bucerius Global Scholarships will be announced around the end of February 2020.

Preference will be given to applicants from emerging market economies. Applicants who are not selected for the Bucerius Global Scholarships will automatically be considered for partial funding.


Partial Tuition Scholarships

Applicants who do not wish to apply for the Bucerius Global Scholarship may apply for partial funding.


Applicants must submit their complete application for admission before the regular deadlines. In addition, they need to send in the merged scholarship application (one PDF) via e-mail to

  • Financial aid application forms and supporting documents (download below)


Applicants who apply for partial financial aid can expect to be informed within 4-6 weeks after submitting their complete application.


Germany Scholarships

The Bucerius Master of Law and Business program is able to award a limited number of Deutschlandstipendien ("Germany Scholarships") to offer financial support to students with outstanding academic records and talent based on their level of social engagement and financial need.

The Deutschlandstipendium comprises €300 per month.

Please note that the German Ministry of Education and Research excludes students who receive other merit-based scholarships from German or foreign sources (such as DAAD scholarships) from being considered for a Deutschlandstipendium.


Venable Foundation Fellowship

The Venable Foundation Fellowship is designed to recognize an American student who has demonstrated academic success, as well as significant leadership potential, in the field of international law and/or business.

The fellowship includes $10,000 towards the MLB tuition and the opportunity to write articles and briefs for publication through the networks of Bucerius Law School, Bucerius USA, and the Venable Foundation.

List of eligible law schools


Other Scholarships

The following links of external scholarship providers might be of interest. Please understand that the MLB Team cannot help you with individual questions regarding external scholarship deadlines and application procedures as these are subject to change.

We wish to encourage you to check the websites carefully and determine whether you fulfill the scholarship prerequisites. Note that some scholarships are available exclusively for students with a specific academic background and/or academic merit, work experience, nationality, language skills or age. Some scholarship providers ask for political involvement or particular personal interests. Some pay living expenses, others (partial) tuition. Some include you in a network and ask you to keep in contact with the institution. Some expect you to pay money back or visit conferences, etc. Our overview below gives you the chance to find out whether you are eligible for one of the scholarship programs. There may well be external financial assistance that meets your needs and we strongly encourage you to explore these and other possibilities.  

If you wish to share your experience in the search of scholarships with us, we will be more than happy to receive your information.

German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD): General information for scholarship applicants can be found here. A database with country-specific information can be found here

The  Claussen-Simon-Stiftung offers living expense scholarships to master students in Germany.

The  Aga Khan Foundation offers postgraduate scholarships (tuition and living expenses) for students from select developing countries.

The  Haniel Stiftung has a scholarship program for students from Central and Eastern Europe ("Go West - European Master's Degree & Internship"). 

The Rochus und Beatrice Mummert Foundation sponsors High Potentials from Central and South Eastern Europe in the fields of economics, business administration, engineering, natural sciences or tourism management. 

The Dr. Jost Henkel Stiftung offers need-based scholarships for talented students. 

The KAAD (Catholic Academic Foreigner Service) offers scholarships for Catholic students and students who are committed to interreligious dialogue. 

The Jean Monnet Scholarship Programme is available to students from Turkey with a background in EU-related studies.

Colfuturo is a scholarship program open to applicants from Colombia.

Some German political foundations offer scholarships to students who share the same political views:

The foundations Stiftung der deutschen Wirtschaft and Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes also offer scholarships to applicants with different national backgrounds. 

If you have any questions about these programs, please contact the institutions directly.

In order to help you get started on your research, we have compiled the following list of scholarship databases for you:

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"I was fortunate to be awarded the Bucerius Global Scholarship which covers my tuition fee and partial living expenses. The scholarship helps me financially and it was of great help in getting to Germany to study. As the year goes by, I am grateful for the career and learning opportunities that the MLB Program provides us. It is the bridge between where I was as a lawyer and where I want to be as a lawyer-entrepreneur. It is the pivot that I was looking for in my career."

Varsha Kashyap '19, 

"Scholarships make you think about the kindness of people in this world and encourage you to accomplish tremendous things. I would probably not be here without this scholarship, and that is the reason why I will be forever grateful for it and I will remember how important it is to help other future students in reaching their dreams."

Sazan Isufi '19,