Student Loans

Financing your studies with a student loan

If you are not eligible for one of the scholarships, you may want to consider financing your studies through a student loan. Below we have listed two possible options. Please also talk to your local bank about what they can offer you in terms of student loans.

Brain Capital

The Brain Capital tuition financing concept offers students of Bucerius Law School and other renowned German universities an innovative way of financing their studies. Participants in this program pay no tuition fee while studying. In return, they commit themselves to making income-dependent payments after graduation, when a certain income-level has been reached. This way, every student has the possibility to pursue studies at his or her favorite university, independently of his or her financial background. 

Brain Capital is available to students from the EURO zone. 

Visit Brain Capital website

Bank Loans

German students or international students who have been living in Germany for more than two years can apply for a bank loan in order to finance the tuition fees and living expenses. Bucerius Law School has special contacts with the Deutsche Bank and the Hamburger Sparkasse (HaSpa), two renowned German bank institutes. To learn more about the student loans of these two institutes, please contact the Account Managers responsible for Bucerius Law School. 

Deutsche Bank
Marco de Sousa
P: +49 (0)40 37012028 

Hamburger Sparkasse
Franziska Link

P: +49 (0)40 35792593

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Submit your documents by January 15, 2018 and receive a tuition reduction of EUR 2,000.

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