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For many students, the Bucerius Master of Law and Business is a crossroads. The interdisciplinary nature of the program opens up many possibilities – be it a career step or a career change. Here's how some of our graduates look back on the program.

Alumni Interviews

Graduates of the Bucerius Master of Law and Business can be found in many different positions and countries. Find out more about what some of our alumni have been up to since graduation in the following interviews.

Laura Jojoa '14, Colombia

Laura briefly ventured into the Berlin start-up world before completing a two-year trainee program in Munich Re's Madrid office. She returned to Colombia in 2017 to work for the German reinsurer's Bogotá office.

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Andrés Jara '09, Chile:

Andrés returned to his native Chile where his legal consulting compan, Alsterlegal, acts as a great innovator in the Chilean legal market.

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Ieva and Abhiuday Chandra '13, Latvia/India:

Ieva and Abhiuday, both lawyers by training, have recently founded their own fashion label, Dinari Couture.

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Sergio Velasco Landivar '13, Bolivia:

Sergio returned to his home country after graduating from the Master of Law and Business Program. He practices as a lawyer in La Paz.

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Jola Gjuzi '08, Albania:

After briefly returning to Albania to accept a position as senior associate, Jola decided to pursue Ph.D. studies in international investment law and arbitration at Bucerius Law School. She is now a partner at a leading law firm in Tirana and passes on her knowledge through various teaching engagements.

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Nata Ghibradze '14, Georgia:

Nata is an arbitration expert and has been working in the arbitration field in Germany since she graduated.

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María José Rojas '11, Chile and María Kim Shin '12, Bolivia:

The "two Marias", as they are affectionately known to the MLB Team, both decided to stay in Germany after graduation. They met through the alumni network and founded their own consulting company in Hamburg in 2015.

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Jason Grullón '14, Dominican Republic:

Jason splits his time between Germany, the Dominican Republic and the United States. After he graduated, he started his own company, producing and selling sustainable clothing while supporting local communities in his home country.

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Friederike Exter '13, Germany:

With an undergraduate degree in business and a Master of Law and Business, Friederike soon became General Manager of her family's company in Berlin.

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Guillermo Buganem '14, Argentina

Guillermo Buganem works at Crosslend GmbH. When he joined the start-up in 2015, it was only him, the three founders, and one other employee. Today Crosslend GmbH employs almost 70 people and operates in four European countries.

Student Experiences

Jasmin Choo '15, Singapore

Husam Al-Ghailani '15, Saudi Arabia

Katsiaryna Statkevich '15, Belarus

Karl-Erich Trisberg '15, Estonia

Darren Saksenberg '13, South Africa

"For those seeking to make the transition from law to business and vice versa or for those simply seeking to gain cutting-edge knowledge at the intersection of law and business, the Master of Law and Business is unmatched. Although I come from a business background, I did my internship at an international law firm in Germany, which bears testimony to the versatile nature of the program. Shortly after graduating, I received outstanding employment offers both in Germany and internationally and since returning to the corporate world, I have been able to put the knowledge I gained immediately to work which has distinguished me from my work colleagues. The Master of Law and Business is one year that will truly last you a lifetime!"

Tatiana Turculet '13, Romania

"The Master of Law and Business offered me everything that was necessary for me to excel academically. I had to work hard and learned how to meet strict deadlines. I was also given the chance to interact with top professionals at numerous events and got a taste of what life as an executive could be like. At Bucerius, I learned that by stretching the limits, they become unlimited. After intensive studying and support from the staff, I actually surpassed the minimum requirements by completing two internships instead of one - one at Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt, the other at the International Trade Centre in Geneva - and my dream of working in an EU institution came true after graduation.”

Pedro Vera '13, Mexico

"Taking part in the Master of Law and Business has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my professional and personal life. The program distinguishes itself through its top-notch lecturers from the international legal and business scene and by taking place in a location as international and beautiful as Hamburg. Being a Bucerius student signified more than high quality education and enjoyable social gatherings; it was a perfect occasion to get in touch with remarkable lawyers and business people from all around the world. After one year packed with exams, trips and good moments, which culminated in a job offer in a German company, I am proud to consider Hamburg my second home, and my fellow classmates as my international family.”

Alon Saposhnik '11, Lawyer, Israel

"I had several years of experience as a lawyer, advising companies mostly on domestic business transactions. The main reason why I chose the Master of Law and Business was that I wanted to study in an intercultural environment and to gain an education in economics, which would differentiate me from other lawyers. Through the program I gained, not only the academic knowledge necessary to understand the main aspects of international economics relevant to lawyers involved in international business transactions, but also an intercultural experience which is vital for lawyers acting in today's challenging global business environment. I have no doubt that the knowledge and the training I received in this program will enable me to service the needs of clients requiring advice on cross-border transactions."

Liabo Molapo '08, Lesotho

"I have acquired international experience through the Master of Law and Business program, and completed an internship at the Deutsche Bank AG in Germany. The program complemented my qualifications and experience in the Management of Human Resources. It broadened my perspective and gave me a lead in my career by equipping me with skills to manage business as a senior manager in the organization I work for. I learned a lot about other cultures through my classmates who were nationals of various different countries. I not only made friends, I am now also part of a global network of professionals."

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