Bucerius Law School bids farewell to the class of 2019 and welcomes the class of 2020.

This year's exchange program started at Bucerius Law School on 2 September 2019 with 90 students from 24 countries

After graduating from the MLB program at Bucerius, Aishe was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship and moved to Seattle to pursue a Master of Public...

Kimberly Ewton is one of our MLB Graduates with neither a law or a business background. She started with humanities and ended up as Creative Director...

Prof. Jungmann is a long-time Bucerius lecturer who regularly teaches in the Summer, International Exchange and Master of Law and Business Programs.

The Extent of State Control Through Law and Courts on the Arbitral Process with Regard to National, International and A-National Arbitration.

Hiroshi Naito spent one year at Bucerius and researched on criminal procedures.

Bucerius students have set the bar high in 2019 in the Law Without Walls (LWOW)


James Linscott, the current Anglo-American Lecturer in the Bucerius Law School Foreign Language Communication Programme, was involved in updating The...

Legal Scholar from Bucerius Law School received Science Prize 2019 of the German Bundestag